The sport of yesteryear has returned to the spotlight. Bare knuckle boxing has grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years. Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) is the first promotion to gain permission to hold a legal, sanctioned and regulated bare knuckle event in the United States since 1889. BKFC is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and headed by President and former professional boxer David Feldman. BKFC is based on the Broughton rules which had governed bare knuckle fighting in the 19th century, requiring combatants to “Toe the Line” which begins every round with fighters facing one another only a few inches apart.

“Most fighters are afraid to get hit by my kind of violence.  I am in the best shape of my life and I like to fight.” – Dan “The Bull” Bunyan

Deep in the dark cold north, a howling can be heard.  A young hungry bull salivating to bury his horns into BKFC. NORTH EAST MMA Media caught up with Dan “The Bull” Bunyan and discussed his desire to pursue the fast growing sport of bare knuckle boxing. Fighting plagued Dan Bunyan throughout his childhood. He explained how he had to overcome a lot while a youth, being unable to walk multiple times due to injuries, but he never gave up. Dan began training in combat sports several years ago. He believes he has the hands for Bare Knuckle. “I would be a perfect fit,” he explained. Dan has more than just heavy hands. He wields fists that bring wrecking ball devastation. At twenty-five years of age he fights out of New York ironically not all that far from the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame located in Belfast, New York. Bunyan has produced an undefeated record of (2-0) as an amateur MMA heavyweight, brutally finishing both opponents in the first round. Fight fans thrive on seeing scary punching power and Dan brings it every time.  When asked if he felt he could handle a BK heavyweight punch Dan responded by showing me a bloody photograph where he had been clocked in the forehead with a 10,000 pound excavator at full swing with its bucket.  “It never put me on my ass.  I just turned around and went back to work,” explained Dan. Bunyan has never been knocked out. He has never even been knocked down, not even in training. “Most fighters are afraid to get hit by my kind of violence.  I am in the best shape of my life and I like to fight,” continued Bunyan. Considering the carnage Bunyan can deliver he seems like a nature fit for BKFC. It is fair to assume he would definitely bring explosive hard hitting heavyweight action to BKFC and its fans. Dan believes signing with BKFC would change his life.

NORTH EAST MMA Media – What attracted you to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships? 

DAN “The Bull” BUNYAN – “Bare Knuckle is blood and gore, pure violence that don’t slow down.  That’s what attracted me to the sport.”

NORTH EAST MMA Media – Who would you want to be your debut opponent if you got the chance?  And why? 

DAN “The Bull” BUNYAN – “I want to fight the big names.  That’s how I get paid and earn a title shot.  I don’t get paid a lot for no names.  I get paid for big names. “

NORTH EAST MMA Media – It is my understanding you’re hungry for Arnold Adams.  Is this correct?  And if so why?

DAN “The Bull” BUNYAN – “Adams and Stamps would be easy work because they run and can’t take punishment.  Adams grabbed my attention from trying to scare their announcer.  Shows me he doesn’t wanna fight tough guys, he wants to fight people that can’t fight. Adams’ time is over and I am the one to take his place.”

NORTH EAST MMA Media – It is my understanding you broke the punching bag while working on your striking at Atlas in Glens Falls, New York.  Is this true? 

DAN “The Bull” BUNYAN – “I broke the bag at Atlas jiu jitsu Glens Falls, New York and it never got put back up.  I became known as the one that broke the punching bag.  My jiu jitsu trainer Joe seen it first hand and his eyes widened and he was silent.  You can always ask Atlas who broke the punching bag, they gonna say me.”

NORTH EAST MMA Media – Would you take on any of the BK heavyweights?

DAN “The Bull” BUNYAN – “Sarro, Mir, Adams, Beltran, Shewmaker, Lopez, all interest me.”

NORTH EAST MMA Media – It is my understanding that you would welcome with open arms a fight with the hard hitting Chris Sarro.  Is this true? 

DAN “The Bull” BUNYAN – “YES.”

NORTH EAST MMA Media – Some people feel Chris Sarro and yourself are two of the hardest heavyweight sluggers in the northeast.  Do you agree? 

DAN “The Bull” BUNYAN – “I definitely agree that me and Sarro are hardest hitters to come outta the northeast.  I think a lot of fans would agree that me and Sarro are the two hardest hitters outta the northeast. A fight between Sarro and myself would probably be the most gory fight in BK history if it went the distance.”

Dan “The Bull” Bunyan is a beast that brings one hell of a show. “The BULL” clearly wants BKFC and he wants it bad.

Article by – T. Vickers

Below are two brief videos of Dan “The BULL” Bunyan.

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