‘The Ladie’ Lacey Schuckman vs Rosa ‘Rollie’ Acevedo – Sparta Combat League 62

By:  Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


(Denver, Colorado) – On October 14, 2017 hometown mixed martial artist ‘The Ladie’ Lacey Schuckman is scheduled to battle tough as nails Rosa ‘Rollie’ Acevedo in a fight that is expected to bring the crowd to the edge of their seats.  The strawweight (115 lbs) bout is set to take place at Sparta Combat League – 62 ‘Unbroken’ at the Denver Coliseum in Denver, Colorado.

Rosa ‘Rollie’ Acevedo

Twenty-nine year old Rosa Rollie Acevedo is an aggressive fighter out of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  She turned pro back in March of 2014 with a decision victory over Sharica Davids and currently hosts a respectable 4 – 2 professional record.  Rosa Acevedo is not a fighter to be brushed off or taken lightly.  She comes into the fight ranked the #2 pound for pound female mixed martial arts athlete in the state of Nebraska.  Acevedo has competed in such reputable professional MMA promotions as Legion Combat Sports, Resurrection Fighting Alliance, and the prestigious Invicta Fighting Championships.

Rosa Acevedo 2

Rosa’s last fight was in February of 2017, a first round TKO over Brittany Horton. Acevedo finished Horton with effective punching in a very strong performance.  “Lacey brings a lot to the table.  Not only will she be one of my toughest opponents but one of my biggest obstacles as a fighter,” explained Acevedo to Queen MMA Media.  “I see myself winning the fight by working harder and training more.”  

Rosa is aiming to capitalize and is confident her hard work and time will payoff in the end.  When asked by Queen MMA Media to recall one of her most memorable accomplishments in the cage, Acevedo explained her pro win over Kyra ‘Mogwai’ Batara back in 2014 was one of her biggest most memorable highlights.  Batara had been a student of Eddie Bravo, the highly accomplished American Jiu Jitsu instructor and founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.

There is no question Acevedo will be searching for another highlight moment when she enters the cage on October 14, 2017 at Sparta Combat League – 62 ‘Unbroken’.

“I am expecting it to be the fight of the night.” – Rosa Rollie Acevedo.

lacey - Acevedo poster

‘The Ladie’ Lacey Schuckman 

‘The Ladie’ Lacey Schuckman is a veteran who has accumulated a considerable amount of experience during her professional career.  Her skills include a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ground game mixed with boxing, muay thai, and wrestling.  Lacey has been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2006 and is currently a three stripe purple belt under Professor Joaquin Baca.  She has competed in big name professional MMA promotions such as Invicta Fighting Championships and Strikeforce.

Schuckman is coming off an April 1, 2017 decision loss against Molly McCann, a heavy handed slugger from the United Kingdom.  It was a competitive three round fight many believe Schuckman arguably won.  Lacey took the McCann match on an extremely short ten day notice.  In the fight game it is not uncommon for an athlete to agree to a fight on short notice.  On occasions finding a bout can be challenging and often fighters will step into a sudden engagement in an effort to gain a fight.  When a fighter has not allowed themselves the proper time to prepare the result generally leans towards a negative outcome.  Most MMA athletes would agree that short notice fights are usually the most difficult.  The athletes are often burdened with medical requirements, passports, the organizing of sponsors and supporters, as well as travel all just to make the match happen.  This can easily erode what little time there is for a fighter to get ready.  Fighters almost always perform at a higher level when given a full training camp, but that’s the fight business and nobody ever said it was easy. Schuckman is a true professional and makes no excuses.  “I’ll accept the loss and let it fuel me for more improvement,” she explains to Queen MMA Media.  “I am always having to take short notice matches and my record demonstrates that.  I just want to demonstrate what a full eight week camp does for me.”

“Rosa gives it her all and she has an aggressive style.  She pushes the pace and gives 110 percent.  I need to respect that to compete to my potential,” stated Schuckman to Queen MMA Media when asked if she seen any challenges in Acevedo’s fight game. Having faced several world caliber opponents as well as former champions, Lacey’s professional career reflects her knowledge of the sport.

Lacey 1a

“I’m prepared for three hard rounds,” explained ‘The Ladie’ Lacey Schuckman.  Lacey feels a three round fight tests a fighter more than a fast finish, however she adds, “if the opportunity arises for a finish I will take it.”  With eleven wins as a pro, Schuckman has proven she knows how to win in the cage.  With eight of her victories coming by way of TKO or submission, Lacey has demonstrated she knows how to finish.  With six of the eight finishes coming in the first round, Lacey has shown she knows how to end it early.

Lacey has not fought in her hometown area for almost five years.  “A lot of my fan base has been waiting.  I’m excited to compete for them.  I’m super stoked to be back in my stomping grounds,” she explained.  “I want to put on a great performance for the hometown crowd.”