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Professional Atomweight Bout

This fight may be bigger than fans realize.  All fights are important to a combatant however this bout may prove to be a pivotal fight for both fighters.  The outcome of this matchup could play a sizable factor in how both fighters develop into the future and the direction their careers take. 

The thirty-one year old Samantha Schell brings a considerable amount of experience into the cage despite having a (0-2) record as a professional. Samantha made her amateur MMA debut in August of 2016 and finished her amateur career with a (6-4) record. She was called up by Invicta Fighting Championships to compete in the IFC on AXS TV Phoenix Atomweight Tournament back in June of 2021.  An exhibition style tournament set to determine the top contender to face the IFC atomweight champion. Schell performed well with a victory over Kara Maria Vislosky by way of split decision but eventually came up short.  It was valuable experience for a growing fighter.

Samantha is coming off a loss against Elle Wagman at Fighting Alliance Championship by way of unanimous decision. Under the guidance of her coach and husband John Schell and Schell Shock BJJ Samantha has continued pushing to develop her fight game. Schell has a strong drive to overcome. A victory over Belenchia in her own backyard would be a tremendous accomplishment.  It would put her back on the road in the direction of higher ground within the world of WMMA. 

Tommy V. of QUEEN MMA Media – “How much does this fight mean to you?”
SAMANTHA SCHELL“This fight means what it always does. It is a job, which I love to do, and I’m constantly working on ways to improve myself and my performance so I’m excited to see how the adjustments I’ve made show themselves in the cage.”

Tommy V. of QUEEN MMA Media – “How are you feeling physically and mentally leading into this matchup?”
SAMANTHA SCHELL“I am pushing myself to all of my physical capabilities and because of all the adjustments I’ve made, this is by far the best I’ve felt mentally during any fight camp.”

Tommy V. of QUEEN MMA Media – “How would you like to see this fight play out?”
SAMANTHA SCHELL“I’d like to see this fight play out in a way that makes it clearly obvious how greatly I’ve improved and how seriously I take my profession.”


Marisa Messer-Belenchia fights out of Connecticut.  She is the hometown fighter and brings a (4-1) professional record into the contest. Marisa produced a (4-2) amateur record before turning pro in June of 2018.  She was called up by Invicta Fighting Championships in June of 2021 to compete in the IFC on AXS TV Phoenix Atomweight Tournament, a tournament to determine the top contender in the IFC atomweight division. Belenchia battled her way to a split decision win against Paulina Granados but was eliminated by the eventual winner of the tournament later on in the competition.  She is coming off a win over Katie Saull via split decision at IFC 44 back in August of 2021.  The thirty year old Connecticut warrior has pro boxing experience along with a formidable ground game.  She has gained notoriety across the New England area as well as the Northeast. With her head coach Andrew Calandrelli of Ultimate MMA in her corner Marisa is gearing up for the June 11th atomweight matchup.  A win over Schell would raise her MMA stock value and send a message to the atomweight world the ‘Spider Monkey’ is ready to make a hard charge up the WMMA mountain. 

Tommy V. of QUEEN MMA Media – “How much does this fight mean to you?”
MARISA MESSER-BELENCHIA“I am excited to be back fighting at Mohegan as I haven’t fought locally in a few years.”

Tommy V. of QUEEN MMA Media – “How are you feeling physically and mentally leading into this matchup?”
MARISA MESSER-BELENCHIA“Mentally and physically its nice to be back on the grind in a fight camp.”

Tommy V. of QUEEN MMA Media – “How would you like to see this fight play out?”
MARISA MESSER-BELENCHIA“I would like this fight to end in a TKO or submission.”

This is a good matchup.  It looks to be an extremely competitive bout.  Both fighters matchup is size and speed.  Both fighters are tough and have shown sizable heart in past bouts.  The outcome could simply come down to who can execute the better game plan or who wants it the most.  Reality Fighting has landed an exciting fight with Belenchia vs Schell.  Do not sleep on this fight.  When the smoke settles it has the right chemistry to become Fight of the Night. 

I have followed and covered both of these atomweights reaching back to their amateur careers.  I wish them both the very best of skill.

This pro atomweight bout will be Streamed LIVE at RealityFighting.Net

By: T. Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)


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NORTH EAST MMA Media – By: T. Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)

Former World Championship Fighting (WCF) promoter Joe Cavallaro launches new fight promotion Combat Fighting Championship (COMBAT FC). The brand new COMBAT FC promotion is gearing up quickly and prepared to hit the North East with a bang. COMBAT FC (CFC) is set to deliver its first event June 17, 2022 at the Aleppo Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Joe Cavallaro is a Boston area businessman who, fifteen years ago, introduced combat sports fans to the promotion World Championship Fighting. Promoter Cavallaro and the WCF played a vital role in bringing the combat sport of MMA to life. COMBAT FC is the vision of one of the region’s top names in MMA, Joe Cavallaro. From its start back in September of 2007 the WCF quickly gained notoriety throughout New England, across the North East and beyond.  The promotion acquired momentum and popularity with each event. The dynamic pioneering promotion ran strong for eleven events before closing the doors in June of 2011.   Legendary and popular fighters within the sport such as Jon Jones, Calvin Kattar, Dan Lauzon and numerous others grew from this early MMA magic Cavallaro and the WCF generated. In just a short time Cavallaro turned the WCF into a star studied platform of MMA athletes. Now fifteen years later Joe Cavallaro along with his team Rick Caldwell (Matchmaker), and Krystyne Curtis are prepared to unveil another electrifying surge of primetime MMA professional and amateur action, The Combat Fighting Championship (Combat FC).  During the long run of World Championship Fighting, Cavallaro and the WCF produced a stout track record.  Fight fans can expect to see the same high level talent and world class excitement at COMBAT FC. Cavallaro, his top notch crew and the new COMBAT FC promotion will no doubt bring tremendous energy to the regional combat sports scene. 

“Fight fans can expect the best fighters, a very professional atmosphere, and a top shelf product,” explained Joe. Cavallaro explained how he plans to bring in special guests at each COMBAT FC event, an effort to add a little extra glitter for the fans.  While overseeing the WCF Cavallaro treated the fans to such sports celebrities as the UFC President Dana White, famous combat athlete and occasional actor Kimbo Slice, former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Rampage Jackson, and popular television and film actor Kevin James just to name a few. “People can expect the same from Combat FC and more.” added Joe. He is confident with his staff and is ready to build a promotion that will have a strong focus on the regional New England action.  COMBAT FC is aiming to become a place where tomorrow’s stars can get their shine on.  A platform that will launch major talent . “It is going to be super,” stated Cavallaro regarding COMBAT FC’s first fight card.  “I am really excited about it.  New England needs a top shelf promotion and the fighters deserve it.”

By: T. Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)

Combat FC photo image credit: New England MMA


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RAWLINGS vs HART (The Rematch)

Who will win?

BKFC 26 – June 24, 2022 – Hollywood, FL

The first time these two warriors went head to head was back in August of 2018 at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 2.  The matchup turned out to be a war that ended in a close split decision going in favor of Bec Rawlings.  Both Britain Hart Beltran and Rowdy Bec Rawlings came to fight in their first meeting and you can bet the bank they will show up ready to do the same in the second go around.

The thirty-three year old ‘Rowdy’ Bec Rawlings has toughness and has proven it over the years.  She always shows up in top shape and is always game to throw hands.  Rawlings is undefeated in bare knuckle boxing with an impressive (3-0) record.  She has real bare knuckle experience and with seventeen professional MMA bouts to her credit she is no stranger to combat sports.  Rawlings brings good footwork and smart movement.  She uses an effective tight high guard defense and knows how to catch the opponents punches with her elbows.  She is an intelligent fighter who knows how to conserve energy.  Rawlings can put together sharp straight punch combinations and is able to unload fast flurries.  She has a strong lead straight right hand and knows how to bust an opponent up.  Bec has a nice jab, acute ring awareness, and a solid presence inside the squared circle.  A possible factor some may consider is the fact that Bec Rawlings’ last bare knuckle bout was back in February of 2019, a unanimous decision victory over Cecilia Flores at BKFC 4.  She has competed twice in MMA with Bellator since her last bare knuckle fight, but it has been over two years from her last bare knuckle matchup.  Do I think this will be a big factor in the rematch?  No.  She may be a little slow coming out of the gate in round one, but I look for her to briskly try and find her comfort zone shortly after.  Look for Rawlings to use her quick hands and straight accurate punching.  If she hurts Hart early I would not be surprised if Rawlings tries to close in furiously in an attempt to end the show.  Bec Rawlings has hand speed that can produce damage.  She knows how to cut the ring off.  She is calm, calculating, and likes to stay in the pocket.  Bec has smooth pivot skills and knows how to follow the target.  Rawlings may want to consider using hard short hooks on the inside and focus on staying one step ahead of Hart.  The biggest factor Rawlings needs to consider is the fact that Britain Hart is not the same opponent she was in the first Rawlings vs Hart fight.  Rawlings had best bring her A-game on fight night or risk getting a big surprise.  With that said I am expecting Rawlings to bring her best.  Rawlings has experience, boxing skills, and fight game needed to win the rematch. If Rawlings can utilize her hand speed, accurate punching, and sharp movement it would seem she has a strong chance of pulling out another decision.  The question remains, will it be greater than the Britain Hart’s noticeable bare knuckle evolution. The thirty-two year old Britain Hart hosts a bare knuckle boxing record of (4-3) and is coming off a hard fought championship title fight unanimous decision loss February 19th of this year to the current featherweight champion Christine Ferea.  It is important to note that many things have changed from the first Rawlings fight, Hart’s footwork has improved and her bare knuckle fight game has grown considerably.  Hart has proven her grit and toughness time and time again. 

Britain Hart has an aggressive inside game.  She may find success if she can force Rawlings to fight with her back against the ropes.  It may be difficult to counter Rawlings due to her high tight guard and quick straight punching attacks.  If Hart can deliver consistent and accurate well timed heavy swarms I would not be surprised if she puts Rawlings in jeopardy.  It will be important for Hart to push hard and be the aggressor.  If Hart allows Rawlings to control the action she may find herself falling behind and coming up short.  Hart needs to get off first but not with one or two but with controlled waves.  In defense of Rawlings’ straight right hand and one-two combinations Hart needs to be mindful and keep her chin off the line and utilize intelligent head movement.  Do not let Rawlings get comfortable or find her rhythm.  If Hart can bring a relentless offense and a full gas tank I believe she has a real chance of stopping Rawlings.  I feel it will be important to not give Rawlings the time to regroup or reset.  Hart needs to put on the pressure from the start but not get reckless or wild.  Don’t let Rawlings breath.  Hart may have the advantage in the clinch and needs to take the opportunity to work the body hard.  Say hello briefly to the lower ribs, see if the inside uppercut to the chin has a home, and then find that liver and dig it out.  Rawlings backed Hart up for most of their first fight however I do not see that being the outcome in the rematch.  Hart had managed to get Rawlings attention with some big shots during the first fight despite never really being able to fire a good shot with her back foot planted solid along with clean rotation of the hips and shoulders.  I would like to see Hart incorporate that into her arsenal.  Once range is found she needs to use her jab with authority.  Hart may want to consider mixing in a little bicycle action and side to side movement if needed.  Perhaps in an attempt to create angles, or just enough to reset, recover if needed, or just enough to keep Rawlings guessing.  Hart should try and utilize her wide sweeping hooks in an effort to flank the high tight defense of Rawlings.  She needs to watch out for Rawlings elbows as they are not fist friendly.  In my opinion Britain felt Bec’s best punch in their first meeting, a short smashing right hook that dropped Hart hard to the canvas in round four despite referee Dan Miragliotta’s ruling of a slip.  None the less Hart leaped right back up to her feet looking for more.  Hart was not intimidated in the first fight and has gained sizable victories inside the squared circle since.  She has the confidence and the ability to win this rematch.    

Britain Hart Beltran delivers a hard straight right during their first encounter.
RAWLINGS vs HART (The Rematch) Who Wins? (QUEEN MMA Media)
Rowdy Bec Rawlings lands a solid left hook during fight one.

This looks to be an exciting rematch.  The first matchup was an extremely entertaining contest and I expect the drama and action of fight 2 to be even greater.  A win by Hart would officially validate her as one of best female bare knucklers in the sport today and could possibly generate a third fight with Rawlings.  A victory by Rawlings would prove the first time around was not a mistake.  A finish by Rawlings would send a loud message to the bare knuckle community and elevate her to a perfect and unmatched (4-0) record. 

By: T. Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)


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By: Thomas Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)

CES MMA 67 is set to deliver major league MMA action at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut April 1, 2022.

CES MMA 67 (Fight Card)



ERIC SPICELY fights out of Rhode Island and brings a (12-8) pro record into the CES cage.  He is hungry to put an end to a four fight losing streak with a strong win over JUSTIN SUMTER at CES 67.  Spicely made his professional debut under the CES promotion back in February of 2013.  He is an outstanding (10-0) inside the CES cage with this being his eleventh time fighting under the CES promotion.  In 2016 he earned a place on The Ultimate Fighter Season 23.  He went on to make an appearance at UFC Fight Night 91 in July of 2016, UFC Fight Night 95 in September of 2016, UFC on FOX 23 in January of 2017, UFC 212 in June of 2017, The Ultimate Fighter 26 Finale in December of 2017 and UFC Fight Night 130 in May of 2018.  The thirty-five year old Spicely brings real UFC caliber talent into this CES main event.  JUSTIN SUMTER fights out of Massachusetts and brings an (8-4) pro record into the title fight.  Sumter made his pro debut with Bellator back In April of 2016.  He is an undefeated (4-0) under the CES promotional banner finishing three of his victories in the first round.  The thirty-two year old Sumter has appeared on the notable Dana White’s Contender Series 2018 in July of 2018 and the Contender Series 2019 in July of 2019. 

These are two top level fighters ready to give the fight fans a quality main event.  With the winner leaving the steel cage with the CES MMA Middleweight championship belt. 

JOHNNY LOPEZ fights out of Connecticut and host a (12-5) professional record.  He made his pro debut back in February of 2011.  Lopez came up short in a very close split decision against a hard fighting Blaine Shutt for the vacant CES flyweight title in his last MMA outing back in January of 2020.  He has stayed active sharpening his already sharp grappling skills with a win at Top Level Pro Grappling 1 in July of 2021 and another grappling win at Reality Fighting in January of 2022.  He is a former Reality Fighting flyweight champion having won the title back in May of 2016.  This will be his third time fighting under the prestigious CES banner.  AZJAVKHLAM BAATAR brings a (7-6) pro record and extremely formidable wrestling into this bantamweight matchup.  The twenty-nine year old fights out of Japan and is building steam with a three fight win streak behind him. 

PAT CASEY fights out of Massachusetts and is ready to make war with ARMUS GUYTON at CES MMA 67.  Casey is a captivating New England fighter with an (8-4) pro record inside the steel cage.  He is a veteran of Bellator and always puts on an action packed show.  Armus Guyton fights out of New York and has a (5-2) professional record.  He made his pro debut back in February of 2018 at CES 48 with a first round knockout victory.  Six fights later he is returning for more action inside the CES cage.  This could end up being one of the best bouts on the card. 

MIKE KIMBEL fights out of Connecticut and carries a (3-3) pro record into the cage.  He is looking to turn around a two fight losing streak against TRISTAN LINDI come April 1, 2022 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut.  All six of Kimbel’s pro bouts have been with the Bellator promotion.  This will be his CES debut.  Lindi brings a (2-4) pro record into the bantamweight contest.  He fights out of Oregon and is also looking to turn around a three fight losing streak of his own.  This has the ingredients to deliver a scrappy fight.

YURI PANFEROV made his pro debut with a first round rear naked choke finish of Gregory Smith at CES 62 in April of 2021.  As an amateur Panferov went (5-0) capturing three amateur title belts along the way; the Reality Fighting amateur light heavyweight title, the Gladius Fights amateur light heavyweight title, and the Ground Force Fights (230 LBS) amateur catch-weight title.  He gained all five of his amateur victories via finish with three of them being in the first round.  The twenty-five year old Panferov has serious potential and will be seeking to add another win to his young pro career. MUS’ALB BAIYINA fights out of New York and will be making his pro debut under the CES lights at CES MMA 67.  The twenty-eight year old Baiyina went (4-2) as an amateur finishing his amateur career winning the Full Contact Promotions amateur light heavyweight title.  He has produced a three fight winning streak and looking to make a big pro debut. 

DAVID MICHAEL DURAO made his professional debut under the CES banner back in September of 2021 at CES 64.  On April 1, 2022 he will be looking to gain his first win as a pro in front of his hometown fans in Hartford, Connecticut.  Durado will be facing DANIEL MALDONADO in a flyweight matchup.  Maldonado fights out of New York and brings a (0-4) pro record into the bout.  Both pro fighters will be gunning for their first victory inside the cage as a professional.  This should up the stakes a little and produce a good fight for the fans. 

CASEY NORTON fights out of Connecticut.  As an amateur he produced an undefeated (4-0) record as well as capturing the AMMO Fight League amateur flyweight title in October of 2021.  On April 1, 2022 in Hartford, Connecticut he will make his professional MMA debut against PEDRO VILLA.  Pedro Villa hails from New York and produced a solid (4-1) amateur career of his own.  As an amateur he won the vacant Aggressive Combat Championships amateur flyweight title back in May of 2015.  Villa will be making his pro debut as well.  This looks to be an exciting and well matched flyweight bout. 

EDDY GEORGE brings an undefeated (4-0) pro record into the CES cage to face EMILIANO CALDERON.  George fights out of Connecticut and is riding serious momentum from an eight fight win streak.  George has been impressive from the start.  He made his professional MMA debut in January of 2020 and has finished all four of his pro opponents in the first round.  Emiliano Calderon brings a (1-1) pro record into the bout.  The twenty-eight year old Calderon is coming off a first round victory via strikes and is looking to play the spoiler.

HARRIS BONFIGLIO is set to square off against JASON HUNTLEY in flyweight action.  Bonfiglio fights out of Connecticut and hosts a (3-1) pro record.  All three of his wins have come by way of first round submission.  Bonfiglio brings a very effective grappling game.  Jason Huntley is (6-10) as a professional inside the cage.  The forty-three year old Huntley fights out of Minnesota.  He has competed under such promotions as LFA and KOTC and will be looking to leave his mark at CES. 

MARKOS PAPPAS fights out of Connecticut and will be making his pro debut against RJ HAYES under the bright lights of the Connecticut Convention Center at CES 67.  RJ HAYES fights out of New York and brings considerable experience with thirteen amateur MMA bouts behind him.  This looks like a rock-em-sock-em heavyweight affair that will surely serve as a smashing opening card bout. 

By: Thomas Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)





On February 12, 2022 Alibeth “Overtime” Milliron will battle Glory “The Fury” Watson in pro strawweight action at New England Fights 46 – Decade of Dominance.  Alibeth “Overtime” Milliron fights out of Michigan and is (2 – 0) as a professional.  She brings a strong well rounded MMA fight game into the cage.  Milliron will be traveling to Portland, Maine to collide with Glory Watson, one of New England’s top female MMA fighters.  Glory Watson is the hometown fighter.  She is a game MMA warrior who hosts a (1-1) pro record and will be looking to gain the win in front of her home fans.   

Alibeth Milliron made her amateur MMA debut back in 2009 and produced a respectable (7 – 3) record in the amateur cage.  She made her professional debut in April of 2018 and has collected both her pro wins via knockout. She has a considerably high level of experience even though she is going into only her third bout as a professional.

Milliron is coming off a big third round knockout victory at King of the Cage in November of 2018 against Tara Graff, a fiery fighter who has seen action under the bright lights of the Bellator cage.  Despite the three plus year layoff from professional MMA competition fight fans can expect Milliron to bring it in full force.

Milliron has a formidable wrestling game and a solid standup game.  She is very capable on the mat or on her feet.  Her experience has brought her composure and presence inside the cage.  She has a tremendous work ethic, rugged endurance, and gives more than 100%.  She works harder, trains harder, and always brings extra to the fight.  With those kinds of attributes it is very easy to understand as to why she carries the nickname “Overtime”.  New England fans are in for some big time action as Alibeth “Overtime” Milliron comes to the Aura in downtown Portland, Maine riding a strong five fight winning streak and looking for number six.

By: T. Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)


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FEREA vs HART 2 (The Rematch)

A look into HART vs FEREA (the Rematch)

(Queen MMA Media – Editorial) By: T. Vickers – Combat Sports Journalist

On February 19, 2022 in Hollywood, Florida BRITAIN HART will be looking to even the score against CHRISTINE FEREA in a rematch that many in the bare knuckle community have been waiting for. Queen MMA has watched Britain Hart from day one.  Her boxing background brought her to bare knuckle back in August of 2018.  Hart’s introduction to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship came against Bec Rawlings, a tough seasoned MMA fighter.  It was Hart’s bare knuckle debut and a fight that most fans believed would be dominated by Rawlings.  Hart battled hard in a fight that many believed she would not survive.  Hart’s determination radiated bright despite falling short to Rawlings in a close split decision.  After the Rawlings fight the fans quickly realized a clear fact, Britain has gigantic ‘heart’.  She demonstrated she possessed real rock solid grit.  The next bare knuckle match for Britain Hart would be against Christine Ferea.  Ferea had already demonstrated she was a serious force to be dealt with in the BKFC squared circle.  The Hart vs Ferea fight would be for the (125 LBS) BKFC Championship title.  Once again Hart was going up against a giant obstacle along with facing the pressures that come with a title fight.  Once again much of the bare knuckle community showered doubts on any chance of a Hart victory.  Hart met the challenge head on but lost due to a cut that provoked a doctor’s stoppage of the bout.  Despite the loss to Ferea from a cut Hart continued to gain fans. 

Ferea unloads a swarm of punches in their first encounter.
A disappointed Britain as the fight ends via doctor stoppage due to cut.
Christine ‘Misfit’ Ferea celebrates her victory at the end of their first fight.

Fight fans began to see and appreciate the determination Hart brought into every fight.  Like her or hate her, people agreed – she had guts and her skill set was getting growing.  Hart returned to the BKFC squared circle in November of 2020 with a win over a debuting Randine Eckholm only to find herself a few months later up against another MMA veteran who carried a ton of popularity.  This big money MMA star was Paige VanZant.  Once more said experts and fight fans began to count Hart out. They gave her little chance if any of winning.  It was a seemingly odd lead up to the VanZant vs Hart matchup, for whatever reason the BKFC promotion seemed to cater to the newly arrived MMA star and almost completely forget the fact that Britain Hart had been a sizable part of putting BKFC on the map.  It was VanZant’s bare knuckle debut and she was already being considered the promotional favorite. 

Hart has carried an enormous part of the women’s side to BKFC on her back.  She has played a vital role in bringing attention to BKFC and in the eyes of many bare knuckle fans has become the center of the women’s world at BKFC.  At BKFC KunckleMania Hart delivered.  Hart not only held her own against the heavily praised MMA star, she won the fight convincingly.   Hart went on to face Jenny Clausius back in July of 2021 at BKFC 19.  Hart finished Clausius in the third round.  In November of 2021 Hart went up against Pearl Gonzalez, another promotional pick from the MMA world.  Gonzalez had produced an impressive MMA career and was ready to make a loud statement in bare knuckle.  Once again Britain battled her way to a solid unanimous decision win over an opponent who many did not expect her to defeat.  It is impossible to deny Britain Hart the recognition she deserves.  She has continued to improve across the board.  I have watched her get better and better with every challenge.  A win over Christine Ferea would give Hart major league satisfaction.  Once again it would be a classic story of how she overcame enormous odds.  It would send a tremendous message to the bare knuckle fans.  One they would never forget. 

Christine ‘Misfit’ Ferea entered bare knuckle boxing with a Muay Thai background and a three fight run with the MMA promotion Invicta FC.  Ferea debuted in bare knuckle boxing back in October of 2018 at BKFC 3.  Ferea blasted through her first opponent via first round knockout.  She moved on to defeat Britain Hart in their first meeting via doctor stoppage due to cut.  Ferea was fast becoming the leader of the BKFC female pack.  In August of 2019 Ferea ran into Helen Peralta at BKFC 7 in what was in my opinion the most exciting fight BKFC has produced to date.  Ferea came out on the short end of the encounter by way of unanimous decision.  ‘The Misfit’ quickly returned to the squared circle with a crushing KO finish of Calie Cutler at BKFC 12.  She delivered another smashing knockout finish over Calista Silgado at BKFC Fight Night.  Christine is a top notch bare knuckle boxer.  She has improved with each bout inside the squared circle.  Bare knuckle fans understand full well she brings big time heat. 

Christine Ferea’s biggest weapons are her fast hands, excellent footwork, and crisp boxing style.  Ferea has fast hands.  She can put together destructive combinations and unleash brutal flurries.  She has power and knows how to drop it on her opponents.  Ferea is a real force in the bare knuckle world.  She understands movement, distance, and timing.  She is a confident fighter who knows what she is capable of and knows how to deal it out inside the squared circle. 

Britain Hart’s biggest weapons are her determination, her seemingly awkward style, and her relentless offense.  Hart’s determination has shown time and time again.  She is a real warrior who will not back down.  Her punching style and movement can be awkward for opponents to deal with at times.  This has been to her advantage on numerous occasions.  Her continuous desire to push the action and stand in the pocket and trade with anyone has earned her serious respect from the bare knuckle community, if they wish to admit it or not. 

Possible Keys to Victory
Christine Ferea must fight her fight.  She needs to use her speed and movement to control the action.  Get off first.  She needs to back Hart up from the start.  Ferea needs to make Hart respect her early.  Do not get sloppy or careless with over confidence.  Try and stay focused and finish the fight fast and hard.  Ferea needs to overpower Hart with her speed and violent combinations. 

Britain Hart needs to hurt Ferea early.  Work hard on the inside.  Dig deep with bodywork and unload uppercuts on the inside.  Hart needs to smother Ferea’s flurries with strong clinching and high level dirty boxing.  Hart needs to focus on head movement and effectively countering with heavy shots.  Once range is found she needs to use her jab with authority.  Find those odd angles. With the right level of dirty boxing and working a particular target zone the fight could be won the same way she lost the first encounter, via doctor stoppage due to cut.   

Aggressive, fast, and hard offense generally wins the bare knuckle chess game.  Yet this is not always the case.  As in any fight a well executed plan or superior technique can be the answer.  The questions remain can Hart stand up against Ferea’s fast fists of fury?  Will Ferea’s overwhelming offensive attack swallow up Hart or will Hart’s iron determination hold the line.  On the other hand we must also ask ourselves is Ferea taking Hart serious enough?  Will Ferea’s mountain tall confidence produce critical mistakes?  Ferea’s hands are small but fast.  They have been known to injury in the past.  What if Ferea injured one of her hands during the bout?  Will she be able to battle successfully through such a situation?  Ferea is always in top shape and always expanding her skill, but what if she underestimates Hart’s evolution from the last time they fought?    

This looks to be an exciting bare knuckle boxing bout.  It may end fast and furious or it just may push deep into the later rounds.  It would seem Ferea would surely be the expected favorite considering she came out on top in the first fight.  With that said, do not underestimate the grit of Britain Hart. 

By: T. Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)


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UFC veteran JOHN HOWARD returns to the CES steel cage

John “Doomsday” Howard (28-16-1) is ready to return to the CES cage to face Ozzie Alvarez (8-6) in professional MMA middleweight action August 6, 2021 at the MassMutual Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.  John Howard is undefeated (6-0) competing on the CES platform and will be looking to for another big ‘W’ to add to an already decorated MMA career. 


JOHN “Doomsday” HOWARD was born and raised in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.  He played football and basketball in high school and is still a resident of the area to this day.  When asked how he got the nickname “Doomsday”, his answer “from the infamous villain who killed superman.”  The thirty-eight year old Howard became well known for his wrestling skills despite never having official training.  He fights out of Boston and is an accredited black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Howard made his professional MMA debut with a unanimous decision victory over Jason Dublin at Combat Zone 8 back in October of 2004.  In April of 2006 just a little over a year and a half later he won the vacant Combat Zone Pro welterweight championship title at Combat Zone 15 by way of a second round submission.   

A few years later John captured the Ring of Combat Pro welterweight championship title in September of 2008 at Ring of Combat 21 with a unanimous decision against Charlie Brenneman.  It was clear Doomsday had the stuff needed to climb the MMA mountain. 

On January 31, 2009 Howard debuted in the UFC with a hard fought split decision victory against Chris Wilson at UFC 94.  “Doomsday” marched forward winning his next three fights under the UFC banner, two by way of knockout.  Howard grabbed four wins in seven UFC appearances between January of 2009 and June of 2011. 

The UFC caliber Howard returned to the northeast and made his CES debut in April of 2012.  It was a fight for the CES Pro Middleweight Championship Title.  It was a fight Howard won in devastating style via a second round TKO finish of Todd Chattelle.  John “Doomsday” Howard went on to defend his CES middleweight championship title four times, finishing all four challengers by way of KO/TKO. 

Howard returned to the UFC in August of 2013, demonstrating his ability inside the steel cage could not be denied.  He returned with a split decision win at UFC Fight Night over Uriah Hall in his hometown of Boston.  John went on to have six more fights in the UFC between December of 2013 and December of 2015. 

John returned to the CES promotion in October of 2017 winning a unanimous decision over a tough Roger Carroll at CES MMA 46.  He went on to make six appearances with the Professional Fighters League (PFL)

John Howard has had 45 professional MMA bouts, 28 pro victories, 7 of those wins coming in the UFC.  His experience inside the octagon is enormous and his accomplishments in the sport of MMA are truly noteworthy and admirable.  John Howard is a strong name among the MMA community in New England and the northeast.  He is a standout among Boston combat sports athletes and Boston fight fans.  Do not miss the opportunity to watch this New England MMA legend in action as he returns to CES MMA to take center cage under the lights of the MassMutual Center MGM in Springfield, Massachusetts. Article by – Thomas Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)

Other incredible fights included on the CES MMA 63 Fight Card
(subject to change)

CARLOS CANDELARIO (7-0) vs MIGUEL RESTREPO (5-5-1) 125lb / Flyweight
CHRIS DISONELL (5-4)     vs WILL SMITH (3-3)    135lb / Bantamweight
KODY ALLEN MURRAY (debut) vs MIGUEL CUEVAS (1-0) 135lb / Bantamweight
JOHN HOWARD (28-16-1)  vs OZZIE ALVAREZ (8-6) 185lb / Middleweight
ASHIEK AJIM (3-1)           vs CARLOS ESPINOSA (6-4) 135lb / Bantamweight
TOM PAGLIARULO (1-0)   vs JOSH HARDY (debut)     145lb / Featherweight
NICK FIORE(1-0)       vs JAY ELLIS  155lb / Lightweight
SAGE PHILIPPE (debut)    vs THAD JEAN (debut) 170lb / Welterweight
EDDY GEORGE (2-0)   vs KOBE BOWEN (debut) 155lb / Lightweight
KENNY CHAMPION (2-1)  vs FRANK MAZEPA (0-1)  155lb / Lightweight






Matt Bessette and Bruce Boyington are set to battle it out for the CES MMA Lightweight Championship Title September 17, 2021 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Connecticut – CES MMA 64.  The winner will make CES MMA history and become the first ever 2-division CES champion.  Who will be CES Champ-Champ? 


He is known throughout the New England region and the northeast as Bruce “Pretty Boy” Boyington.  He is an exciting, explosive, and intelligent fighter who always brings action inside the cage.  With a professional record of (17-12) Boyington has battled it out for numerous promotions during his career.  Such promotions include CES, NEF (New England Fights), and the WSOF to note a few.  Boyington has gained eleven of his seventeen wins via finish.  He knows how to stop an opponent.  Three of his finishes have come via submission. 

The forty-two year old Boyington began his pro career inside the MMA cage back in June of 2009.  In April of 2014 he won his first pro title, the vacant CFX Lightweight Title with a unanimous decision victory over Ruso Khubejashvili.  In September of 2014 Boyington captured the NEF – Fight Night Pro Lightweight Championship belt in his very next bout.  He went on to successfully defend the Fight Night Lightweight Title four times. 

In August of 2018 he won the vacant CES MMA Featherweight Championship via a second round rear naked choke against a very formidable Sean Soriano.  He went on to successfully defend his CES MMA Featherweight Title in May of 2019 at CES 56. 


He is known throughout the northeast and New England as MATT “The Mangler” BESSETTE.
Bessette made his professional debut back in September of 2007.  With a professional record of (24-10-0 nc-1) Bessette has produced a strong career in the pro cage, fighting under such promotional banners as Bellator, CES, Reality Fighting, and GFL.  He fights out of Connecticut and has gained sixteen of his twenty-four wins via finish. 

In October of 2010 he captured the vacant Reality Fighting Lightweight Championship Title.  In April of 2011 Bessette won the Global Fight League Pro Lightweight Title belt via second round guillotine choke submission over John Benoit at GFL 10.  In July of 2017 his talents landed him on the prestigious Dana White’s Contender Series.  In January of 2018 Bessette debuted with the UFC at UFC 220.  In his very next bout Bessette fought on The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale in July of 2018.  Bessette has high level experience and in January of 2020 he won the vacant CES MMA Pro Featherweight Championship Title with a exciting third round stoppage. 

If you are an MMA fan from the northeast you probably are already aware of Boyington and Bessette.  If you are from New England you probably are already aware of the intensity both BOYINGTON and BESSETTE can bring to the cage.  Most likely you are already aware of the athletically orchestrated violence they are both capable of generating.  Boyington and Bessette are true seasoned veterans of the sport.  Both have evolved to become big pro names on the northeast and New England regional MMA scene.  These two fighters represent the tough fierce warriors of the northeast.  These two athletes are what MMA in the northeast and New England is all about.  Two hard-working high end professionals with top level talent and a history of delivering action packed fights.  Boyington knows how to dish out the dynamic booms and with a nickname like ‘Pretty Boy’ he looks good doing it.  Bessette knows how to grind hard, unload heavy strikes, and is always eager to make war on his feet or on the ground.  This is a very good matchup!  This is going to be a very good fight! 



By – Thomas Vickers (MMA Journalist)



Queen MMA Media appreciates the brave, bold, and skillful women of bare knuckle boxing. As usual the female warriors always find their way to the top of the action.

QUEEN MMA Media – Women’s P4P BARE KNUCKLE BOXING RANKINGS as of February 24, 2021

The below rankings where composited by QUEEN MMA Media and are the official women’s bare knuckle boxing rankings of QUEEN MMA Media. These rankings are not regulated by and are not considered to be the official representation of any bare knuckle promotion or organization.


SHEENA BRANDENBURG      Win KO/TKO Round 1 of 5           135lbs BYB Extreme 3

LATOYA BURTON                    Win KO/TKO Round 2 of 5          145lbs BYB Extreme 2


2 HELEN PERALTA 2 – 0 (1 KO)


CHRISTINE FEREA Win Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds 126lbs BKFC 7



CALIE CUTLER Win KO/TKO Round 2 of 5 128lbs BKFC 12

HELEN PERALTA Loss Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds 126lbs BKFC 7

BRITAIN HART Win Dr. Stoppage Round 2 of 5 126lbs BKFC 5

JENNIFER TATE Win KO/TKO Round 1 of 5 135lbs BKFC 3


4 BEC RAWLINGS 3 – 0 (1 KO)

CECILIA ULLOA FLORES         Win Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds  120lbs  BKFC 4

BRITAIN HART                         Win Split Decision 5 Rounds               135lbs  BKFC 2

ALMA GARCIA                         Win Dr. Stoppage Round 2 of 5            135lbs            BKFC 1


5 BRITAIN HART 2 – 2 (1 KO)

PAIGE VANZANT                      Win Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds    145lbs  BKFC 15

RANDINE ELKHOLM                Win KO/TKO Round 4 of 5                  BKFC 14

CHRISTINE FEREA                    Loss Dr. Stoppage Round 2 of 5          126lbs  BKFC 5

BEC RAWLINGS                       Loss Split Decision 5 Rounds               135lbs  BKFC 2



CHARISA SIGALA                     Win Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds    135lbs BKFC Knucklemania


SHEENA BRANDENBURG        Win KO/TKO Round 2 of 5      BKFC 15


SHEENA BRANDENBURG          Win KO/TKO Round 1 of 5     115lbs   BKFC 8


BRITAIN HART     Loss Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds     145lbs   BKFC Knucklemania


JENNY CLAUSIUS                     Loss Dr Stoppage Round 2 of 5     BKFC 15

CHRISTINE STANLEY               Loss KO/TKO Round 1 of 5     135lbs   BYB Extreme 3

DELANEY BAILEY – OWEN      Loss KO/TKO Round 1 of 5     115lbs   BKFC 8

IVANA COLEMAN                     Win KO/TKO Round 2 of 5     125lbs   BKFC 5


BEC RAWLINGS     Loss Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds     120lbs   BKFC 4


CHRISTINE STANLEY     Loss  KO/TKO Round 2 of 5   145lbs     BYB Extreme 2


TAYLOR STARLING JENKINS     Loss Unanimous Decision 5 Rounds     BKFC Knucklemania


BRITAIN HART          Loss KO/TKO Round 4 of 5     BKFC 14

15 ALMA GARCIA 0 – 1

BEC RAWLINGS          Loss Dr. Stoppage Round 2 of 5     135lbs   BKFC 1

16  CALIE CUTLER 0 – 1

CHRISTINE FEREA          Loss KO/TKO Round 2 of 5     128lbs   BKFC 12


CHRISTINE FEREA          Loss KO/TKO Round 1 of 5     135lbs   BKFC 3


SHEENA BRANDENBURG          Loss KO/TKO Round 2 of 5  125lbs    BKFC 5


HELEN PERALTA          Loss KO/TKO Round 1 of 5                  115lbs   BKFC 9


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QUEEN MMA Media – BKFC Edition


QUEEN MMA Media takes a look at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships KNUCKLEMANIA main event (Britain Hart versus Paige Vanzant) of February 5, 2021. A sizable amount of hype went into the buildup of this fight and it lived up to every punch.  At the weigh ins the day before the bout an eruption of aggression was released on stage between Hart and Vanzant.  Hart walking up boldly and putting her face into the face of Vanzant.  Vanzant quickly reacting with a choke grab to Hart’s throat followed with a shove.  Loud and heavy words were exchanged, mainly from Hart as BKFC promoter David Feldman struggled to gain control of the situation. News of the pre fight scuffle ran wild across social media as fans began to eagerly anticipate the upcoming fight. 

QUEEN MMA Media – Round-by-Round, punch stats, and unofficial scoring

Before the bell for round one Vanzant seemed relaxed but had the look of being in unchartered waters.  Hart looked focused but had a look that said this could be her biggest challenge.


The first twenty seconds of round one showed Hart pawing with a left jab in what seemed to be an early feeling out process.  Vanzant circled about looking tentative.  At the 1:42 mark of round one they engaged in the center of the circle.  Quickly the action became an inside battle with Hart demonstrating her clinch and strike experience.  Hart drove Vanzant to the ring ropes.  The two grappled and clinched until referee Dan Miragliotta pulled them apart.  Hart and Vanzant returned to the center of the ring and began circling one another with faints, looking for an opportunity.  Both fighters used their footwork and jab measuring for range.  Hart launched an attack landing a solid right hand upstairs but Vanzant pushed back landing a hard combo of her own to the head.  Hart battled back using the jab to push Vanzant backwards but was unable to find the target.  The last ten seconds delivered Vanzant and Hart standing in the middle of the ring searching for openings with Hart landing a hard three punch combination followed with a big right to Vanzant’s jaw.


Jabs Thrown – 22                      Jabs Landed – 3

Head Punches Thrown – 16      Head Punches Landed – 11

Body Punches Thrown – 9         Body Punches Landed – 9


Jabs Thrown – 5                           Jabs Landed – 1

Head Punches Thrown – 17         Head Punches Landed – 8

Body Punches Thrown – 0            Body Punches Landed – 0

QUEEN MMA Media – Round One Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 9


Hart and Vanzant traded jabs at the start, looking and fainting.  Vanzant attacked first alluding Hart’s jabs and landing some clean shots.  Vanzant showed good head movement appearing a little more comfortable inside the squared circle.  The two exchanged blows with Vanzant moving in hard only to be driven back by Hart.  Hart followed Vanzant around the ring.  Near the midway point of the round Hart landed a smashing right hand but Vanzant bulled forward and fired right back.  Both entangled in the middle of the ring.  Hart began driving deep shots to the body of Vanzant.  Hart looked sharp on the inside controlling the clinch and slamming away at Vanzant’s midsection.  Both clinched and traded short shots in close.  Referee Dan Miragliotta separated them with 0:42 seconds remaining in round two.  Hart circled Vanzant with footwork and poked with her left jab.  Hart closed in landing downstairs and up top.  Hart displayed crisp boxing skills finding a home for her straight left.  Hart drove Vanzant’s back towards the ropes with a flurry of rights and lefts at the bell.


Jabs Thrown – 27                                 Jabs Landed – 10

Head Punches Thrown – 19                 Head Punches Landed – 9

Body Punches Thrown – 12                  Body Punches Landed – 11


Jabs Thrown – 9                                      Jabs Landed – 3

Head Punches Thrown – 21                    Head Punches Landed – 7

Body Punches Thrown – 4                       Body Punches Landed – 2

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Two Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 9


Vanzant comes out aggressive pushing Hart back from the opening of the round.  The two begin to land in a heated exchange of head shots.  Vanzant pushes in with a burst of punches.  Hart pushes Vanzant back with body shots and inside hooks.  Vanzant responds by picking up the action landing some hard right hands at about the midpoint of the round.  The two clinch and battle inside.  Hart drives body shots into the ribs of Vanzant but Vanzant does not wilt away and throws right back in reply.  Referee Dan Miragliotta pulls them apart.  Vanzant moves in pushing the action.  Hart launches back landing three heavy punches to the head of Vanzant.  The two warriors stand and trade punches.  Hart presses Vanzant against the ropes and unloads big body work.  The two fighters clinch in the center of the circle with 0:25 seconds remaining in round three.  They swap hard jabs and close the round locked in a clinch. 


Jabs Thrown – 22                                       Jabs Landed – 7

Head Punches Thrown – 19                       Head Punches Landed – 9

Body Punches Thrown – 12                       Body Punches Landed – 12


Jabs Thrown – 10                                         Jabs Landed – 4

Head Punches Thrown – 26                         Head Punches Landed – 11

Body Punches Thrown – 1                            Body Punches Landed – 1

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Three Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 9


Vanzant comes out the aggressor in round four backing Hart up with a flurry of punches.  Hart charges right back.  Vanzant is beginning to let her hands go.  Perhaps feeling as if she may be behind in points after three rounds.  Vanzant holds her ground and delivers a big right hand before clinching up with Hart at the 1:36 mark of the round.  Vanzant muscles Hart into the ropes before Referee Dan Miragliotta forces a separation.  Back to the center of the squared circle they go.  They trade jabs.  Hart unleashes a hard right uppercut that gets Vanzant’s attention.  Vanzant tries to tangle up with Hart in an effort to stop the punches.  Hart pushes free and moves the action back to the center of the ring.  Vanzant pursues Hart.  Blood streams from Hart’s nose.  Vanzant begins to show movement, shifting up on her toes and circling Hart.  Hart moves in trying to cut off the ring.  Vanzant dances side to side while Hart hunts in pursuit.  Vanzant unloads a fast flurry.  Hart blasts back with a flurry of her own.  Vanzant surges in to clinch in an attempt to stop the barrage.  The two end up locked in a clinch, pushing and pulling one another until referee Dan Miragliotta steps in to divide them.  Vanzant becomes the aggressor moving forward as Hart is backed towards the ropes.  Hart unloads a cracking right hand to Vanzant’s jaw.  Vanzant is game and stands in the pocket ready for more.  Hart lands several more shots upstairs using her reach to get off first just before the bell ends round four.


Jabs Thrown – 16                                                Jabs Landed – 4

Head Punches Thrown – 13                                Head Punches Landed – 6

Body Punches Thrown – 4                                   Body Punches Landed – 2


Jabs Thrown – 11                                                  Jabs Landed – 3

Head Punches Thrown – 18                                 Head Punches Landed – 6

Body Punches Thrown – 1                                    Body Punches Landed – 1

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Four Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 10 (EVEN)


The final round.  Both fighters look tattered but seemingly ready and eager to continue the action.  The two open the fifth round on their toes and throwing heat.  Both land effective combinations battling back and forth.  Vanzant circles Hart from the outside then bursts forward with a big overhand left off the side of Hart’s head.  The two clinch and Hart continues work on the body.  Hart holds tight while digging solid hooks downstairs.  Vanzant seems to be feeling the body shots from Hart but comes back with a jolting right uppercut and a hard left hook to Hart’s chin.  Hart back peddles.  Vanzant chases Hart to the ropes with one minute remaining in the final round.  Vanzant digs hard body shots into Hart’s midsection and lands combinations up top.  Perhaps feeling she needs a knockout to win Vanzant keeps blasting forward with numerous punches to the head of Hart.  Hart tries to cover up and then fires back.  The two go toe-to-toe with Vanzant seeming to gain the edge in the exchange.  Vanzant begins to turn it on landing a booming three punch combo to Hart’s jaw.  Blood begins to flow heavy from Hart’s mouth.  Vanzant lands a left hook, a right hook, and another left hook.  Hart eats the punches and finds the stamina to answer with a crunching left and a hard right.  The two finish the last twenty second of the bout firing toe-to-toe. 


Jabs Thrown – 19                                             Jabs Landed – 2

Head Punches Thrown – 26                             Head Punches Landed – 11

Body Punches Thrown – 28                              Body Punches Landed – 18


Jabs Thrown – 5                                                Jabs Landed – 2

Head Punches Thrown – 45                              Head Punches Landed – 22

Body Punches Thrown – 4                                 Body Punches Landed – 3

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Five Scoring – VANZANT 10 / HART 9


Hart and Vanzant put on an exciting bare knuckle main event that lived up to the hype.  Paige Vanzant proved she is as tough as they come, never once fading from the action, and seemed to begin to turn the tide of the fight halfway through the fourth round.  Bare Knuckle is a different kind of beast and Vanzant showed she has what it takes.  I would not be surprised to see her take this debut experience and return with a vengeance if she elects to continue in the sport of bare knuckle.  Vanzant displayed serious power, good head movement, and did fairly well in the clinch exchanges considering it was her first time in the BKFC circle.  She come up short in the fight but she delivered a tall BKFC debut performance. A quick look at the BKFC rooster and the question becomes – who is next for Vanzant?  Randine Willoughby? Sheena Starr?  Charisa Sigala? Jenny Savage?  Taylor Starling?

Britain Hart came in a slight betting underdog despite being a veteran of bare knuckle and having professional boxing experience.  Once again she delivered a gritty, high octane fight.  Hart displayed spectacular determination and executed an impressive victory.  Hart has been silencing critics from the start of her career.  She continues to overcome challenges while winning the hearts of fans.  Hart’s skills are noticeably improving as she continues to demonstrate how hard work pays off. She gets better every time she steps into the ring.  Her hard work and dedication shined bright against Vanzant. What is next for Britain Hart?  A possible title shot?

By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


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