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Paige Vanzant is a veteran of nine fights in the UFC, two of which she finished via strikes.
Vanzant drops a hard right hand on Rachael Ostovich. January 19, 2019 at UFC on ESPN + 1

Who will it be Britain Hart, Jenny Savage Clausius, Rachael Ostovich, Bec Rawlings, or is there another waiting to jump into the fray? There is no question the Vanzant BKFC debut frenzy has generated considerable interest and noticeable chaos throughout the bare knuckle community and at this point I would not be surprised to see Jake Paul or Logan Paul gravitate towards Vanzant with a boastful challenging call out across social media.   Paige Vanzant’s last fight was an MMA pro flyweight bout against Amanda Ribas at UFC 251 in July of 2020. Vanzant lost the match via first round armbar.  Regardless of the loss, the fact remains Vanzant quickly reached star popularity status with a combination of talent and looks shortly after debuting in the UFC in 2015. Over the past several years the twenty-six year old Vanzant has built an (8-5) pro MMA record while facing some big names in the sport.  Such opponents include; Rose Namajunas, Michelle Waterson, Jessica-Rose Clark, and Amanda Ribas to mention a few.  The BKFC fans have been buzzing about the addition of Vanzant since it was first announced and the rumor mill has been whirling nonstop ever since. 


Britain Hart and “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship belt before their big fight at BKFC 2.
Britain Hart went the distance against heavily favored Bec Rawlings in a hard fought split decision war at BKFC 2.

It all seemed to begin to grow when bare knuckle boxer Britain Hart defeated Randine Eckholm at BKFC 14 back in November of 2020 via a fourth round KO/TKO.  The referee raised Hart’s hand in victory.  Seconds later while still in the ring Hart was handed the microphone.  Microphone in hand she walked over to the edge of the ring. Leaning on the ropes she looked down at Paige Vanzant who was in attendance at ringside and exclaimed “You are fucking next.” The Miami, Florida crowd reacted with excitement over what seemed to be a clear call out of the popular former UFC star.

The thirty year old Britain Hart has a professional boxing background and made her bare knuckle debut at BKFC 2 in August of 2018 against UFC veteran MMA fighter “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings.  The 135 lb matchup played a large part in putting BKFC on the combat sports map.  Hart battled the heavily favored Rawlings to a close split decision.  Despite coming up short in the electrifying and action packed bout Hart gained the respect and following of the early BKFC fan base.  In April of 2019 Hart went on to face BKFC’s most dominating female fighter Christine Ferea at BKFC 5.  Hart lost to Ferea by way of doctor stoppage in the second round but continued to demonstrate her unwillingness to wilt away from a challenge.


Jenny “The Tennessee Gangster” Savage
Jenny Savage Clausius blasts Sheena Brandenburg with a solid overhand left in bare knuckle debut at BKFC 15.

In December of 2020 pro MMA fighter Jenny Savage Clausius entered the action by making her bare knuckle debut with a decisive win via second round doctor stoppage over Sheena Brandenburg at BKFC 15.  Brandenburg AKA Sheena Starr was no stranger to the bare knuckle fight game having made a cross over from an (0-4) pro MMA career to debut at BKFC 5 with a round two KO/TKO win over Ivana Coleman.  Sheena later went on to fall short at BKFC 8 against Delaney Owen. Not long after Jenny Savage Clausius’s bare knuckle debut win over Brandenburg rumors begin to surface of Clausius gaining a possible matchup with Vanzant at BKFC 16.  Clausius is (3-4) as a pro MMA fighter and currently (1-0) in bare knuckle. 


Rachael Ostovich
Rachael Ostovich slams a right to the chin of Paige Vanzant during UFC fight back in January of 2019.

As of late a new rumor has been tossed into the bare knuckle mill, talks of a Rachael Ostovich versus Paige Vanzant fight.  Ostovich and Vanzant had squared off in the UFC cage back in January of 2019.  Vanzant won the contest with a second round armbar and perhaps a possible rematch by way of bare knuckle is in the cards. 


Paige Vanzant and “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings eye to eye before meeting in the UFC cage back in 2016.
Bec Rawlings produced an undefeated record of (3 – 0) while fighting under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promotional banner.

If the rumor mill was not already loaded to the brim Bec Rawlings has expressed “I would love that fight” when recently asked about possibly facing Vanzant again, but this time-a-round in bare knuckle.  In August of 2016 Vanzant finished Rawlings in the second round with a hard head kick at UFC Fight Night.  “She would take a beating in BKFC”, explained Rawlings who generated an impressive (3-0) record in bare knuckle before shifting back over to MMA competition under the Bellator promotional banner. 

There are some fans that see Vanzant as being a mediocre striker from the UFC who gained her fame due to her stunning good looks.  Many others see Vanzant as a tough warrior who brings serious experience, real skill, and is not afraid to fight. 

Despite all the flying rumors and claimed verbal agreements it all means nothing until someone signs the dotted line.  And so the drama continues to expand. 

It seems obvious to most fight fans Paige Vanzant was brought onto the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship roster in an effort to spark epic attention and the only thing that can be confirmed thus far is mission accomplished.

By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


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On January 31, 2020 at Rivers Casino & Resort Amy Golding will defend her championship belt in front of her hometown fans.  Golding was offered the opportunity to fight for the Cage Wars vacant amateur atomweight championship on short notice due to a pullout because of injury back in November of 2019.  Amy quickly stepped up and eagerly accepted the challenge.  The fearless Golding not only leaped at the chance, she capitalized on it.  On November 23, 2019 Amy Golding won the title via unanimous decision against a tough, experienced opponent, Jennifer Hicks at Cage Wars 44.  The New York based fighter silenced any critic with a strong performance and walked away the new Cage Wars atomweight champ.


Amy Golding sends Jennifer Hicks mouth guard airborne with a smashing right hand at Cage Wars 44.


Golding started wrestling in the sixth grade and evolved into a decorated and accomplished Olympic caliber wrestler.  She made her amateur MMA debut in December of 2018 and has demonstrated from the start the level of commitment and stamina needed to climb the amateur MMA mountain.  A little over one year later she is the current Cage Wars atomweight champ ready to put her title on the line against Samantha “The Wolf Queen” Seff at Cage Wars 45.


QUEEN MMA MEDIA was able to gain a brief (Q & A) with Amy Golding before her January 31, 2020 Cage Wars atomweight title defense.

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – Congratulations to you on winning the vacant Cage Wars title against a very game Jennifer Hicks.  How did it feel to get that victory?

Amy Golding – I was very excited to win the last fight against Jennifer Hicks and become the Cage Wars champ.  It has been very difficult for me to find opponents who will compete locally here in NY, with two opponents pulling out last minute on me, so I was just happy that it went through.  I have to give Jennifer a lot of credit for showing up and giving me a tough fight, she’s one tough girl!

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – How are you feeling at three weeks out from the fight?

Amy Golding – I’m three weeks out and feeling great.  Not a single complaint from me.  My camps going well my body’s feeling powerful and explosive and my mind is sharp.  I am exactly where I want to be 3 weeks out.

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – Your opponent has considerable experience in the cage with a nine bout amateur career.  She has a grappling BJJ style and is not too shy to throw hands upstairs.  Are you aware of Samantha Seff, or do you generally avoid looking into your opponents?

Amy Golding – Scouting is a part of competing in any type of high level sport.  Yes, I have seen her compete many times and analyzed what she does in her fights.

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – This fight looks to be a classic wrestling versus BJJ match up if the fight goes to the mat.  Are you confident in your highly decorated wrestling background against a dangerous BJJ artist?

Amy Golding –I am extremely confident in my wrestling skills to be able to dominate all positions in the fight.

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – I have followed your amateur MMA career from the start.  I am impressed by the progress in your stand up game in your title win.  Is stand up striking something you have been focusing on as of late?

Amy Golding – “I have been working on the same striking drills as always, but concentrate more on hitting and dodging, not letting anything land and tiring the opponent out.

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – How do you see this fight playing out?

Amy Golding – “I visualize this everyday since she agreed to the fight so I can answer this easily, I will win in a total domination.  I’m not scared to brawl and am in fact looking forward to it!  Can’t wait to put on a show for everyone!


Amy Golding is ready to put her title on the line against Samantha “The Wolf Queen” Seff. Amy Golding vs Samantha Seff at CAGE WARS 45.

By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


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January 31, 2020 Samantha Seff will face Amy Golding for the CAGE WARS amateur atomweight championship at Rivers Casino & Resort in Schenectady, New York.  Samantha “The Wolf Queen” Seff fights out of North Carolina and brings to the cage a (5-4) amateur record and a ton of experience.  “The Wolf Queen” has demonstrated the effectiveness of her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills with four of her five wins coming by way of submission finish, three of the finishes being in the first round.  Queen MMA Media is proud to have honored Samantha Seff last month with the Queen MMA Media Amateur of the Year (2019) award.


Samantha “The Wolf Queen” Seff battles it out with Shelby Koren for the Combat Night Strawweight Title at Combat Night Pro 15

Tommy Vickers of Queen MMA Media reached out to the Wolf Queen for a quick (Q & A) leading into her championship bout at CAGE WARS 45.

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – How are you feeling three weeks away from Cage Wars 45 atomweight title bout?

SAMANTHA SEFF – “Hungry for the cage and out for blood. No place I’d rather be than in an octagon.”

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – Are you going with your standard fight camp or have you changed anything in particular for this fight?

SAMANTHA SEFF – “I have a world champion BJJ instructor (John Schell) and a top Muay Thai coach (Josh Robinson) who are always in my corner and prepping me at Schell Shock BJJ. I’m also fortunate enough to train 3 times a week in Wake Forest with UFC strawweight Hannah ‘Shockwave’ Cifers and her excellent team of coaches Joel Garcia, Tiago Silva, and Carlos Martin.”

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – Your opponent, Cage Wars atomweight champion Amy Golding is (1-2) as an amateur having won the title via short notice fill in due to injury.  Amy won the vacant title against a game Jennifer Hicks via unanimous decision.  Amy has a strong wrestling background and made her debut against a former Cage Wars atomweight champion Elise Reed.  Are you aware of your opponents?  Or do you generally not focus to closely on the opponent?

SAMANTHA SEFF – “I do a bit of research on my opponents and their game, but my primary focus has always been playing to my best skill sets and training to fine tune any areas that need improvement. I’m also lucky that my partner’s daughter is an excellent wrestler and Jiu Jitsu athlete and helps me prep.”

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – Your BJJ is serious level and dangerous, how do you see it matching up with Golding’s wrestling talent?

SAMANTHA SEFF – “I train as hard as possible to be dangerous in every position available. I will never approach a fight with the fear of being outworked. The hard work will be put in all throughout camp and the fight is my reward. I’m bringing the fight to her and I expect carnage and technique on the feet and on the ground. It won’t go the distance.”

Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) – How do you see the fight playing out?

SAMANTHA SEFF – “The plan is to make a statement with this fight and turn pro with my sights set on the top. This fight will have an exclamation point at the end for sure. I’m always bringing that big dick energy.”



Smantha Seff is a well rounded fighter and will no doubt deliver a big show for the fans and a colossal challenge for the current Cage Wars atomweight title holder.  Will Samantha Seff’s strength and BJJ win the ground battle?  Or will Amy Golding’s decorated wrestling background prove the better?  This title fight has everything needed to become a fierce showdown.

By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


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