Miranda Maverick: Promising MMA star on the rise


“Next time I enter the cage I’m letting myself loose and am going to be seeking to finish the fight, whether standing or on the ground.” – Miranda ‘Fear the’ Maverick

By:  Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


(Queen MMA Media) – It was in August of 2015 when Miranda ‘Fear the’ Maverick debuted as an amateur in the combat sport of mixed martial arts.  As an amateur, she produced an outstanding 7 – 1 record, capturing the women’s flyweight amateur belts for Shofight and Blue Corner.  Miranda brings talent, skill, and old fashion determination into the cage.

“I fought every high ranked girl in the Midwest US, getting to number one out of the amateurs before turning pro,” shared Miranda Maverick to Queen MMA Media.  “Not only did I fight decent competition, but no one wanted to fight me anymore. It was difficult to find fights,” she continued.

The twenty year old Miranda fights out of Springfield, Missouri and is currently a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu.  “Jiu Jitsu is my main discipline,” explained Miranda to Queen MMA Media.  She has competed and won many Fuji, Kozen, NAGA, and submission only tournaments.  “My jiu-jitsu skills make taking the opponent to the ground my strongest game plan. I am confident in my ability there,” added Miranda.  The young mixed martial artist’s abilities extend beyond common borders.  “I am the only girl on the Men’s Drury University Wrestling Team,” explains Miranda. “Although as a pro athlete I cannot compete with them, I am able to practice with them.”

Miranda feels her strength is her biggest weapon in the cage.  “My strength, as most people don’t hesitate to point out, gives me an advantage in most situations. I was raised on a farm, working unlike most kids and gained strength that separates me from most of my opponents,” she explains.

One of the first things you notice about Miranda is her composure before and during a match.  “I am a logical person and I see no sense in getting myself hyped up.  I would rather focus on the fight,” Miranda told Queen MMA Media.  “I am very religious and pray before I enter the cage with my team, my dad, and then myself. I fight for something greater than fame.”

Miranda Maverick A - 3

Miranda is coming off a three round Flyweight unanimous decision victory in July of 2017 at Invicta Fighting Championships 24 over Gabby Romero.   Gabby Romero brought to the fight a respectable 2 – 1 pro record along with notable jiu jitsu skills, however Miranda controlled the beginning of the first round with heavy standup punching.  The action went to the ground as the round progressed.  Romero relentlessly went for the submission via arm bar but Miranda’s strength proved to be unyielding.  It was a close round.  Miranda took control of the second round delivering several hard uppercuts during standup exchanges.  On the ground Miranda seemed to hold her own with Romero’s jiu jitsu game, with her strength being the deciding factor.  Miranda went on to control a close third round, gaining a unanimous decision in the eyes of the judges.

Miranda always shows a big effort in the cage and a genuine willingness to learn outside the cage.  She understands that win or lose a fighter must always expand and improve.  Like those who reach higher levels one must not only compete with an opponent, but also with oneself.

“I am not satisfied at all. I feel like I fought at fifty percent,” explained Miranda when asked if she was satisfied with her decision win against Romero by Queen MMA Media.  “It was simply embarrassing. Yes, I won, but there were so many opportunities in that fight for me to knock her out and end the fight. But I respected her ground game too much. Respecting jiu-jitsu as I do, I was concerned with her getting me to the ground and therefore was very hesitant,” she continued.  Miranda clearly dominated the standup exchanges with Romero.  She was able to avoid and escape Romero’s submission attempts, however in hindsight Miranda feels she could have gained control on the ground had she focused more on executing her own ground offense and less on defending Romero’s jiu jitsu ground game.

“I should have pushed forward more and let my hands go in flurries.  I had better cardio and did not use it to throw the volume I should have.  I could have easily won that fight in the first round had I done what I needed to,” explained Miranda to Queen MMA Media.  “However, next time I enter the cage I’m letting myself loose and am going to be seeking to finish the fight, whether standing or on the ground,” she adds.

Miranda has made a definite impact as a professional in women’s MMA.  She has quickly become a prospect with her first three pro fights coming under the highly respected Invicta Fighting Championships banner.   Miranda’s focus seems evident as she begins to rise among the sport’s flyweight competitors.

“Yes I am. I am currently the highest ranked in the world based on age for flyweights and that alone makes me proud, along with the fact I have only been doing this 2.5 years,” Miranda replied when asked by Queen MMA Media if she was satisfied with her progress as a professional.  Miranda Maverick is experiencing a tremendous start as a professional with an undefeated 3 – 0 record.  Miranda is not surprised by her top notch pro start.  “I would be disappointed with anything less,” she states with determination.   “I want it more than anyone else.”  Miranda is eager to show her potential.  She believes a possible Invicta FC title shot is not out of the question within the next year.  If Miranda continues to display her potential, a call up to the UFC may not be far away.

Not only is Miranda impressive as an athlete she is equally impressive in academics.  Miranda is an honor student and currently a senior at Drury University completing her undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology within three years.  Presently she is applying to graduate schools, with hopes for a doctorate or perhaps settling for a master’s program in Industrial Psychology.

Miranda Maverick A - 2

Queen MMA Media Q & A with rising women’s MMA athlete Miranda Maverick 

QUEEN MMA MEDIAYou have fought as a Strawweight in your first two bouts for Invicta Fighting Championships, which are you more comfortable with, Strawweight or Flyweight?  Which weight class do you feel stronger or more confident fighting at?

MIRANDA MAVERICK – “I tried to fight at Strawweight three separate times, twice in Invicta and once for a cancelled bout. However, I never made it for Invicta and I was destroying my body to get there. In the future once my nutrition is more under control I hope to try again, but for now I am comfortable as a Flyweight.”


QUEEN MMA MEDIA – What is your favorite part of the sport?  What do you enjoy the most about MMA?

MIRANDA MAVERICK – “I almost enjoy the controversy. The thrill of being a woman who can beat the average man and defend herself, being able to show it to the world. I think many people hold to the traditional idea that women don’t belong in the sport because they are fragile and shouldn’t get hurt. In my view, MMA is a way of displaying pure talent, in its rawest form. It is all encompassing, with all abilities being put to use.”


QUEEN MMA MEDIA – Where do you get your inspiration?

MIRANDA MAVERICK – “My dad- 100%. In life, my daddy is the biggest inspiration for me! My father has made a successful life for himself with the blessings God has granted him, despite the challenges he faced throughout. He is always there to guide me in the right direction and has always been my number one and my best friend and protector. However, in the MMA world, Georges St. Pierre has amazing technique and style, Brian Stann has my utmost respect for his devotion to the military, charities, and the Lord, along with any others who spread their Christianity by living right. Rose Namajunas is also a great athlete in the women’s division, and I like Miesha Tate’s attitude and dynamic fighting style. More and more women continue gaining my admiration too such as Leslie Smith, Ronda Rousey, and Jo Calderwood. They have been pioneers of the sport, and with their varying personalities, styles, and looks have brought many fans to the sport, and shown that fighters are more than brawny brutes. They can be smart, have a cause, have other talents, and can represent respect and humbleness. Anyone who steps in that cage is pretty great though!”


QUEEN MMA MEDIA – Do you have your eye on a particular fighter for an opponent in the future?

MIRANDA MAVERICK – “Andrea Lee, Paige VanZant, Jennifer Maia, or the other top contenders!”


QUEEN MMA MEDIA – What are your long term goals in the sport?

MIRANDA MAVERICK – “I want to be the youngest world champion in the UFC.”


QUEEN MMA MEDIA – Please feel free to share any shout outs to coaches, trainers, training facilities, businesses and so forth that have been an important part of your MMA world.

MIRANDA MAVERICK – “I want to give the Glory to God and thank my father for always being by my side, but to give credit where credit is due, many coaches and members at Springfield Fight Club have helped mold this glob of clay. Nathan Stamburski is the man who has orchestrated the fine points of getting me into MMA, as well as trained me from rock bottom in standup, figuring out my flaws and weaknesses, and capitalizing on them before my opponent does. Thank you to UFC fighter Zak Cummings for his affiliation with our striking technique. And thank you to my main training partner (amateur fighter) Garrett Armfield for guiding me to find new strengths. Brett Welcome and Gabe Wouk, on the other end of the martial arts spectrum, are the people who critique my ground game. Brett always plays the role of father-figure, trying to point out negatives and reality to keep me focused. Doug Smith, Hunter Edwards, Elle Wagman and my other training partners have helped me immensely in improving, by being consistently ready to partner with me. Thank you Drury Wrestling for allowing me to learn with you and Cristobal Renteria for working with me as well.”

Queen MMA Media has provided Miranda ‘Fear the’ Maverick an opportunity to extend thanks to her sponsors: Hayabusa, GRRRL, Victory Beef, Fighter Alias, Persuasive Apparel, Midtowne Dental, MMA Roadhog, Waldron Realty, Gillispie Concrete, Deatherage Builders, 100% Violence, and other friends who have donated time, funds, and gear to helping her move on in her MMA career!


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