Jamie “Hurricane Kid” Herrington: Return of the Storm

“2018 will be the year of the Hurricane Kid.” – Jamie “Hurricane Kid” Herrington

By:  Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


(QUEEN MMA MEDIA) – Jamie “Hurricane Kid” Herrington fights out of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada.  She has strong wrestling skills and brings a tremendous amount of aggressiveness into the cage.  The Canadian grappler is affiliated with Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and currently holds a blue belt.

Much like her nickname states, the “Hurricane Kid” is a relentless and tenacious storm that dominates opponents with a smothering ground game.   “I come from fifteen years of freestyle wrestling,” explained Herrington.  “Grinding hard has been my entire life, on and off the mat.”

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Jamie’s last fight was in July of 2015 at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) world championship against Ireland born Sinead “KO” Kavanagh.  It was a fight that proved Herrington to be more than Kavanagh could handle.  Herrington’s wrestling overwhelmed Kavanagh throughout the match resulting in a third round KO/TKO stoppage.  Shortly after the the match, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation ruled the bout a no contest due to alleged doping violations.

Herrington explained to Queen MMA Media she battled the (IMMAF) decision for a year.  “They made me an example case and suspended me for four years,” continued Herrington.  Over two years later in September of 2017 Canada overturned the suspension.   An eager Herrington obtained a license in British Columbia, Canada shortly after and plans to pro debut at 145 lbs.

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With an amateur career that has yielded a perfect 6 – 0, Herrington has continued to train hard during her time away from the competitive side of the sport. “IMMAF may have taken away two years of my life, but it will not defeat me in going the distance,” explained The “Hurricane Kid” to Queen MMA Media inquiring if she seen herself pursuing a pro debut.  “I have big plans for the upcoming year,” she continued with confidence.

Jamie is looking to return to the cage in British Columbia, Canada on a professional level as early as February or March of next year.  The twenty-six year old Herrington is determined to bounce back from the two year set back and believes 2018 will be the year of The “Hurricane Kid”.

From the time of Sinead “KO” Kavangh’s last amateur fight, a third round KO/TKO loss versus Herrington that was later ruled a no contest back in 2015, the hard fighting Irish slugger has built a decent 5 – 2 professional WMMA record.  Kavanagh has become what many see to be a quality Bellator WMMA featherweight.  In August of 2017 Kavanagh lost a split decision to Arlene Blencowe at Bellator 182.  The same Arlene Blencowe who is set to fight a rematch against Julia Budd the current reigning Bellator Featherweight World Champion December 1st of this year.  Kavangh recently gained a win November 10, 2017 at Bellator 187 with an impressive first round KO/TKO of Maria Casanova.

Herrington’s dominating stoppage of Kavangh only a couple years earlier in their amateur match may very well be a clear indicator of the level of top quality the “Hurricane Kid” brings.

“I’d like to consider myself good enough to impress the people behind UFC, Bellator, and even Invicta,” answered Herrington, when asked by Queen MMA Media how she seen herself stacking up to the current professional WMMA featherweights.  “For the last two years I have been sitting and watching fellow mates rise and accomplish the dreams that I hold myself, has been incredible.”

Jamie explains that just like any young athlete growing up wanting to make it in the big leagues “it’s a game until you make it.”

“I know I have the heart and ability to play the game of MMA,” explains the “Hurricane Kid”.  Herrington believes that finding the help and opportunity to continue her growth as a combat competitor is just around the corner.

“Combat sport has been my life.  It has kept me out of trouble.  It has given me a perspective on life to never stop.  Work hard for what you want and never let anything get in the way,” stated “The Hurricane Kid”.   With each passing day Herrington moves closer to showing the pro WMMA world what she is all about.

“In the mean time it’s the hard work and dedication that are most important.  You can’t live in a house unless you build it first.” – “Hurricane Kid” Herrington.

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Despite the loss of two years Herrington seems determined to surge back.  She looks to return with a wider arsenal.  “I have been in the boxing gym for the last year,” answered Herrington to Queen MMA Media’s question of if she had plans of expanding her offensive striking skills.  “There’s a lot to learn in that sport and I really do enjoy it,” she continued.  The “Hurricane Kid” already wields an extremely potent ground attack.   The addition of boxing and footwork knowledge should elevate her already respectable stand up game to a new level.

As the “Hurricane Kid” sets a course towards the professional world of WMMA there is no doubt the storm is increasing in intensity.


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