KYLIE O’HEARN VS TAYLOR THOMPSON: Cage Titans FC Amateur Bantamweight vacant title match up

“I don’t know how the fight is going to go, but I think there will be a lot of fireworks,” – TAYLOR THOMPSON

By:  Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


(QUEEN MMA MEDIA) – Taylor Thompson and Kylie O’Hearn are set to collide Saturday January 27, 2018 at Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts for the vacant amateur Cage Titans Fighting Championship Bantamweight title at Cage Titans 37.

With a current record of 1 – 0 Thompson will be looking for her second win as an amateur.  Taylor made her amateur debut back in August of 2017 at Cage Titans FC 35, a second round KO/TKO over a tough Stephanie McTighe.  Both Thompson and McTighe made their amateur debuts against each other in what was an action packed bout.  The two combatants electrified the crowd with nonstop toe to toe stand up. Taylor Thompson pushed forward with relentless punching, landing two for every one she received.  She demonstrated a durable chin against the swinging McTighe. Thompson orchestrated an aggressive stand up attack, using her reach advantage to unload volumes of punches on McTighe.  Thompson was awarded “Fight of the Night” for her amateur debut performance.

“I didn’t expect to earn an award for my debut fight,” explained Thompson.  “”I was honored that the crowd and the promotion were as happy with my fight as I was.  Stephanie and I both gave it our all in there and I was glad that it was enough to win us ‘Fight of the Night’.”

Taylor Thompson trains at BST MMA and Fitness in Mendon, Massachusetts and Worcester MMA in Worcester, Massachusetts.  She has been training in grappling for a little over two years.  She began training in striking about a year ago, primarily focusing on kickboxing and recently started training in jujitsu.  “My main coach is Julio Colon, but I also train under Dan Simmler from Worcester MMA and Rolando Griffith from BST,” explained Taylor.

Kylie O’Hearn will be a big test for Thompson.  O’Hearn host a 3 – 1 amateur record in the cage and is coming off a second round KO/TKO win over LaNeisha Vinson at Cage Titans 33 for the vacant Cage Titans FC amateur Flyweight title.

Cage Titans FC amateur Flyweight Champion Kylie O’Hearn is hungry for a second title belt.  Kylie is an experienced competitor and has come up in weight to challenge Thompson in an effort to capture the vacant CTFC amateur Bantamweight title.

QUEEN MMA MEDIA – What brought you to compete in amateur WMMA?

TAYLOR THOMPSON – “I started training as something to keep myself active while in school, and decided to compete in a grappling tournament on a whim.  I fell in love with competing and decided to keep pushing myself to see how well I would do.  After a while I started to train striking to see if I liked it as much as grappling.  I was hooked right away.  I decided that if I enjoy training and competing so much I should see how far a career in MMA can take me.”

QUEEN MMA MEDIA – How do you see the match up against Kylie O’Hearn playing out?

TAYLOR THOMPSON – “I think that Kylie is going to come in strong and want to brawl, like she has done in her previous fights.  I am going to stick to my game plan and try to use her forward aggression to my advantage.  I don’t know how the fight is going to go, but I think there will be a lot of fireworks.  Anything can happen in a fight, but the one thing that is certain is that it will be exciting.  Both Kylie and I are known for putting on a great fight that the fans love.”


Thompson - O'Hearn poster


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