PREMIER FC 26: Hannah “Queen of Sparta” Goldy marches forward with another impressive victory

“I knew she was tough and had heart.  I hit her with some hard shots that I think would have put most people down.”Hannah “Queen of Sparta” Goldy

By:  Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


(QUEEN MMA MEDIA) – (Springfield, Massachusetts)  Lisa “Insane” Blaine and Hannah “Queen of Sparta” Goldy squared off in a featured main card pro flyweight bout at Premier FC 26.  The MMA promotion was held June 16, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel Monarch Place in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts.

Lisa Blaine and Hannah Goldy collided with fierce intensity from the opening moment of round one. Instantly the sold out crowd on hand knew this was going to be serious action.  Blaine and Goldy traded big bangs early in fiery stand up exchanges.  Blaine attempted to use her reach advantage landing straight punches on an aggressively encroaching “Queen of Sparta”.


PREMIER FC 26 – Under the lights at the Sheraton Hotel Monarch Place in Springfield, Massachusetts, Hannah “Queen of Sparta” Goldy and Lisa “Insane” Blaine electrify the crowd with non stop professional flyweight action.  Photograph courtesy of QUEEN MMA MEDIA  Photo credit – Briana Lynn Banas

Hannah Goldy adapted swiftly overcoming Blaine’s reach by moving forward with bursts of crisp striking.  Goldy moved in close with hard combinations upstairs. Her strength quickly became a factor driving Blaine’s back to the cage often. The “Queen of Sparta” controlled the clinches and maintained a furious offensive assault throughout the three round bout, landing frequently with heavy shots.


Goldy was relentless, breaking Blaine down with sharp combinations and brutal leg kicks.  Photograph courtesy of QUEEN MMA MEDIA  Photo credit – Briana Lynn Banas

The crowd was in the fight from the start sending waves of support to the Connecticut based Lisa Blaine.   When it seemed Lisa had nothing remaining in the tank she would fire back with straight rights and hooks of her own.

Hannah executed a solid performance showcasing her boxing abilities and highlighting her defensive movement.  Her amazing physical conditioning allowed her to keep up a tremendous pace.   She continued to build momentum as the fight progressed manipulating the action effectively with her power.  It seemed clear Blaine would become overwhelmed by the hard hitting Goldy.


Blaine fought with the courage of a gladiator taking hard hits but refusing to yield.  Lisa tried hard to push back but was unable to stop the fury of Hannah Goldy.  Photograph courtesy of QUEEN MMA MEDIA  Photo credit – Briana Lynn Banas

By the third round Lisa Blaine was fighting in retreat and finding it difficult to muster up the offense needed to stay in the fight.  Hannah looked as fresh in the third round as she did in the first.  At the end of the entertaining fight the cage side judges ruled a unanimous decision (30-27 30-27 30-25) in favor of Goldy.


In the end it was a genuine display of sportsmanship and respect from both fighters.  Photograph courtesy of QUEEN MMA MEDIA  Photo credit – Briana Lynn Banas


Blaine falls to 2 – 2 as a professional but has made it clear she plans to rebuild and return to the cage with vigor.  Blaine may have lost a one-sided unanimous decision but she proved she is as tough as railroad spikes forget the nails.  She demonstrated a gritty willpower that warrants respect.

I went to the fight already aware that Hannah Goldy was a major talent possessing considerable promise in the sport.  I left the fight realizing Hannah was also a true champion in sportsmanship.

I caught up with Hannah Goldy not long after the fight.  She explained she never really has a definite plan or strategy going into a fight other than doing her best to be prepared for the many possible variables that could arise.



“I felt comfortable on the feet and was having fun so I decided to keep it standing and bang,” Hannah explained pertaining to her performance against Blaine.  “I knew she was tough and had heart.  I hit her with some hard shots that I think would have put most people down.”

Goldy added another win to her impressive pro record with the unanimous decision victory.  Many in the fight game would not be surprised if the “Queen of Sparta” was to find herself on a UFC fight card someday.


The “Queen of Sparta” and her son Odin celebrate the unanimous decision with smiles.  Photograph courtesy of QUEEN MMA MEDIA  Photo credit – Briana Lynn Banas

QUEEN MMA MEDIA would like to thank PREMIER FC for organizing another amazing event.  It was a night of fabulous people and fantastic fights.  Proving once again why PREMIER FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP is one of the top MMA promotions in the northeast.


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