Amateur Atomweight Action: Samantha Seff VS Crystal Van Wyk

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


(QUEEN MMA MEDIA) – Samantha Seff and Crystal Van Wyk are set to clash at 864 Fighting Championships Fight V on July 21, 2018 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Samantha “Wolf Queen” Seff

Samantha “Wolf Queen” Seff is an aggressive amateur with a record of 3 – 1.  She has been accumulating experience since entering the amateur cage in August of 2016 where she won her debut by way of first round finish over Nina Goode.  Samantha is coming off a three round unanimous decision win against Carma Radford back in January of 2018.  The “Wolf Queen” trains in kickboxing, muay thai, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  “I come from a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school run by a world champion,” stated Seff.

Samantha is a purple belt in BJJ and hosts several instructor certifications.  She fights out of North Carolina and has fought under the promotional banners of Virgina Cage FC, XFP, and USFFC.  She describes herself as an aggressive and relentless fighter who is goal driven.

Seff - 1

Samantha Seff victorious in November of 2016 by way of first round submission over Alex McBride at the Spartanburg Marriott in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Fighting has been a lifelong dream,” explained Samantha.  She looks towards her family, teammates, and from deep within for inspiration.  “I am definitely getting better with each progression,” she continued.  Seff is happy with how she has been moving along but is quick to add she will never be satisfied, “There is always room for improvement.”

Seff’s only loss as an amateur came by way of a decision in October of 2017 against Sydney Smith for the then vacant Virginia Cage FC strawweight amateur title belt.

I have wanted to fight since my early teens,” explained Seff.  “Figured not many people are lucky enough to pursue their dreams so I will chase mine as hard as I can or die trying.  I don’t half ass anything, so I will keep pushing towards the top fully assed and ready to persevere.  I won’t work this hard to come up short or give up on myself.  I owe everyone much more than that,” explained Seff.

Seff plans to turn professional someday.  “I plan on taking on more opponents and challenging myself to improve as a fighter and as a person.  No one said it would be easy, but it will be well worth it,”  she explained.

In close, I asked Samantha if she had any shout outs or thanks she wanted to give. “I couldn’t do it without my school Schell Shock BJJ run by Professor John Schell and under my team Rubao Carioca who I have the utmost respect for, my stand up coach Josh Robinson has propelled my game to the next level by a significant amount, all my teammates who force me to do better everyday, my sponsors Karhn Strength & Conditioning, Kontenders Poker, Pro Jitsu, Clirty Eats, Warrior Wellness Solutions, Jimmy’s Auto, Patterson Enterprises and Cageside & Toro BJJ, lastly and most important is how hard I will work to set an example for my boyfriend’s two kids Jacob and Aaliyah making them proud means the world to me.


Crystal Van Wyk fights out of North Carolina and trains in South Carolina.  She has produced an amateur record of 1 – 2 and is coming off a KO/TKO win over Juli Levine in December of 2017.  Van Wyk considers herself to be a well rounded fighter who likes to keep the fight striking.   Crystal had been a qualified group fitness instructor before moving to the United States from South Africa.


“The Lovely” Crystal Van Wyk and her husband Hentie Van Wyk.  Photo Credit – Women’s of the Carolina Fight Life and designs by JK Photograph.

My husband inspired me to do MMA,” explained Van Wyk.  She then asked her husband who was teaching MMA to help her learn.  “I moved to the United States and was not allowed to teach so I went to train at the UFC gym and my husband Hentie Van Wyk trained me up from scratch and that is how it all started.

I started my mixed martial arts journey knowing only grappling,” stated Van Wyk.  “I was in an only jiu jitsu school for a long time and competed in several competitions before transitioning to a mixed martial arts school.” Crystal feels she is improving everyday she is in the gym.  “There is so much to learn when you work hard and put time and effort into one thing,” Van Wyk explained.

Crystal Van Wyk believes she has noticed definite growth in her fight game since making the transition over to Modern Warrior, where she currently trains.  “It was the best decision I ever made going to an all MMA school.  Keith Richardson is a very skilled and experienced fighter and coach.  He has taught me so much,” continued Van Wyk. Crystal is not shy in the cage.  She is quick to engage her opponent and a good scrambler on the ground.  Van Wyk is a scrappy adversary who would is capable of being a challenge for any amateur atomweight in the sport.

Wyk - 1

Van Wyk throwing punches in her amateur debut against Kalee Maynard at Fight Lab 53 back in November of 2016

Van Wyk wants to turn professional in the future when she feels she has gained enough experience.  In close Crystal would like to send a thank you to her coaches Keith Richardson, Duke Reeves and Hentie Van Wyk.  “I would not be where I am if they didn’t believe in me,” Crystal finished.

Fight fans should expect to see a good match up on July 21, 2018 at 864 Fighting Championships between Crystal Van Wyk and Sami Seff.  Both of these amateurs are pushing towards improvement and eager to prove themselves in the cage.

864 FC


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