BARE KNUCKLE Fighting Championship Bec Rawlings vs Britain Hart

“I am ready for it.  I have no choice, and that’s what makes me dangerous,” – BRITAIN HART

MMA journalist and entrepreneur Thomas Vickers caught up with the attractive and hard hitting BRITAIN HART for a quick interview before her upcoming bare knuckle fight.  Hart is scheduled to face off against tough as iron “Rowdy” BEC RAWLINGS at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 2 in Biloxi, Mississippi on August 25, 2018.

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)




I generally only do media coverage on Woman’s Mixed Martial Arts for Queen MMA Media however this fight grabbed my attention.  What gained my interest even more than the fight was Britain Hart.

Britain Hart will be toeing the line as they say in the sport of bare knuckle against “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings an Australian mixed martial artist and bare knuckle boxer. Rawlings defeated Alma Garcia at the first Bare Knuckle FC event held June 2, 2018. Battered and bloody Alma was unable to answer the bell for round two.  Rawlings is a UFC and Invicta FC veteran who always brings heavy slugging fireworks and a no back down attitude to a fight.

Tommy V. – What made you decide to take the Bare Knuckle 2 fight against Bec Rawlings?

BRITAIN HART – “I was asked about Bare Knuckle and I said I really wanted to focus on just perfecting boxing so I kept it in my back pocket.  I had some new things going on like a fight in New Jersey.”

(On February 6th of 2018 Hart had battled Sacred Downing in a professional boxing match held at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.)

BRITAIN HART – “Well the opportunity kept presenting itself and was almost like it was a sign and timing was perfect.  I finally decided to take it when I realized who I was and that I would be denying my person the characteristics that make me Britain.”  

Tommy V. – I am guessing that you are aware of your said opponent Bec Rawlings’ experience in MMA as well as her win at Bare Knuckle One.  How do you see yourself matching up?

BRITAIN HART – “I am aware of her and she went two rounds with her opponent and protected the clinch.  Opponent didn’t know what to do.  I do.  We are both aggressive pressure fighters.  Should be exactly what the people want.”  

Tommy V. – It is my understanding you have some boxing experience, can you share in more depth?

BRITAIN HART – “I am a pro boxer.  Currently 2 – 3 but don’t let that fool you.  It’s just experience.  First two were KO’s at 120 lbs.  My manager made me take a third fight that I did not want to on three day notice.  It was at 135 lbs against a world champ and coached and cornered by none the less Roy Jones Jr. I lost in decision.  If I would have trained and have known… the outcome would have been different.  Two weeks later yet again I was made to fight a world champ and at 130 lbs.  I walk around at 125 lbs.  I do not want to make excuses but I had some pretty horrible circumstances at the time that made me go in completely alone and mindset… Well I learned how important a clear and healthy mind means.  Finally my fifth fight was against a very seasoned and amazing amateur.  Sacred Downing was optimal though because she was my weight 122 lbs, at about a month notice.  After numerous cancelled fights and tough time trying to find female fighters I decided I fight for more than a record, life, or money.  I fight to see where I’m at in my own life.  I fight for something bigger than me… to show them anyone can become and overcome anything.  I’ll never do that beating someone who is less or under me.  I will do it by beating someone who is better and above me because to be a champion you have to beat one.”

Tommy V. – What do you think of bare knuckle as an organized sport?  Do you see it becoming popular? And why?

BRITAIN HART – “I think BK fighting is the root of organized sport in America.  As a sport management degree holder I have a strong passion and love for sports.  When the colonists first came to America they organized these fights and it helped set a precedent of what people find common grounds and entertainment in.  I think BK will be the next big thing and look for it to truly grow and dominate the sport entertainment industry.”

Tommy V. – BK is a much different beast then MMA and boxing.  The forehead is perhaps the hardest bone in the human body.  Many hands have been destroyed on such things.  Would you agree bare knuckle is considerably different and are you ready for it?

BRITAIN HART – “I would agree that it’s different to a point.  Damage is damage.  A kick and elbow hurt too.  A street or bar fight usually involves bare fists… but being a strategic fighter is where it’s not different.  You learn to overcome it.  Don’t hit the forehead.  Dually noted.”

Tommy V. – How do you see the fight playing out?

BRITAIN HART – “I am ready for it.  I have no choice, and that’s what makes me dangerous.  I am a survivor.  A true survivor.  We all fall and get pushed up on ropes, but the choice to rise and overcome it is only one step.  You have to still keep going.  I used to think I have nothing to lose on this fight coming in to fight a well seasoned and known UFC fighter but now it’s been made bigger than me.  Well I have so much to gain, and to prove to the world.  I truly want to change the world for the better.  To show that greatness is in the shape of hard work, equality, and light and love and not in shape of money, social status, and in dark and evil.  I will do more than survive this. And that’s my last statement.”

Britain stands before a challenge the size of a mountain.  I admire her courage and spirit.  She has the grit and can throw a punch.  If she pulls off a victory it would truly be a win heard round the world.


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