AMY GOLDING: Twelve time national champion wrestler to make amateur WMMA debut

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)



(Queen MMA Media) – Amy Golding will be making her amateur WMMA debut November 24, 2018 at Cage Wars 39.  She is scheduled to square off against Fatima Kline in an atomweight match up set to go down at the Rivers Casino & Resort in Schenectady, New York.  Both Golding and Kline will be making their amateur debuts. Fatima Kline is trained by the highly respected Brian McLaughlin and Precision Boxing & MMA and will no doubt be ready to carry her end of the fight.

Amy Golding is an accomplished wrestler.  In high school she became the first female in a state wrestling tournament to compete in and win a match.  It was at that moment many believed there was something special about Amy.  Since then Amy has gone on to build a strong grappling background that includes a college national championship and twelve national championships in freestyle wrestling.  “I am looking to transfer into MMA,” explained the twenty-six year old Golding.  Amy has trained with Olympic champions along her journey and seems very prepared to make the move to competitive mixed martial arts.

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MMA journalist Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) caught up with Amy Golding for a few quick questions about the upcoming fight.

Tommy V. – Time and time again wrestling skills have proven themselves to be a major factor in the MMA cage.  You are clearly an accomplished wrestler.  With that said, have you been working on expanding your fight game?  If so how?

AMY GOLDING –I have always known once I was finished with wrestling I would go into MMA.  I started taking MMA classes while still competing in college wrestling.  I have fine tuned my striking combinations and submissions as well as take-downs for the fight.”

Tommy V. – What has brought you to the decision to step into the amateur MMA cage? Has this been a goal of yours for awhile?

AMY GOLDING –I chose to fight amateur because it is the first step to being number one professionally.  It has been a long term goal for many years and I feel that I am finally at the perfect spot in my life with my family to be able to make it my career.”

Tommy V. – This will be your amateur MMA debut, are you prepared?  And why?

AMY GOLDING –Yes, it is my first amateur fight, and I am very excited about it!  Whenever I step onto the mat or into the cage I have a lot of confidence and most of that comes from belief in my training regiment.  I have a wonderful team who have helped me become completely prepared for the upcoming fight.”

Tommy V. – How would you describe yourself as a competitor?

AMY GOLDING –I don’t train to beat specific people I train to beat everyone with any style and I think that is a big difference between myself and other athletes. I have a lot of confidence in myself as a competitor because I have medaled on the world stage before and have felt the pressure. Instead of being scared I learned early to embrace and love it.

Tommy V. – What has been your biggest challenge transitioning to MMA?

AMY GOLDING – “The hardest transition for me to make was figuring out which wrestling positions carried over to MMA and which didn’t. The basic concepts between wrestling and MMA are the same but a lot of typical wrestling positions leave you open for injury in MMA.”

Tommy V. – Feel free to give a shout-out.

AMY GOLDING –I have a lot of people to thank for helping me. My coaches Joe Ucellini and Lenny Baker at Curby wrestling club for their continued help and support. My husband Eliah for spending countless hours preparing me, training me and just for being there. Thank you to Ryan and Tom Bergami, my mother, Colonie wrestling and all friends and supporters I may have forgotten to mention. Thank you all it’s going to be a fun night November 24!”

The highly decorated wrestler, Amy Golding could be a real diamond in the rough. This amateur debut is worth going to see.


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