QUEEN MMA Media founder talks about possible New Fight Promotion



The idea of a new MMA fight promotion is not new.  MMA promotions have come and gone over the years.  Since the announcement just a few days ago of Queen MMA Fighting Championships possibly being on the horizon, Queen MMA Media has had a high volume of interested individuals and inquiries.  In an effort to respond Queen MMA Media has elected to share with its readers a first look interview with its founder pertaining to the announcement of a possible Queen MMA Fighting Championships.   



Queen MMA Media:  What made you decide to launch Queen MMA Fighting Championships?

Tommy V. (Founder) :  “I am interested in building a platform for WMMA athletes to showcase their skills, promote quality amateur and professional WMMA competition, empower WMMA fighters with more opportunities, and provide WMMA fans with entertaining promotions.  Over the past several months I have spoken with many fighters, coaches, managers, and fans who all seem to agree the idea of more opportunity for female fighters is a super thing.

Queen MMA Media: Some believe women fighters are not always willing to step up and take the fight.  How do you feel about that?

Tommy V. :  “This may be true in part as I am sure it is with the male fighters as well.  I agree an important ingredient for a successful fight promotion is willingness for fighters to step up and take the fight.  However it is fair to say that for very fighter that is not willing to step up several others are eagerly waiting to take their place.  Just the other day I had a similar conversation with Catie Denning, an exciting female fighter who in my opinion summed it up quite well.  “I feel like women have come along way in a short amount of time.  It was just back in 2011 Dana White said we would never see women in the UFC.  Now, women are not only at that level and performing exceptionally well, but also headlining major pay-per-view events.  We still have a ways to go, but I truly think popularity among young female athletes in MMA is on the rise and will continue to do so. I feel another all female promotion would be welcome, fans love to watch female fights. They are exciting to witness, especially when it goes against the notion that fighting is for men.”

Queen MMA Media:  There are some who feel women in MMA do not effectively capitalize on current opportunities.  How do you respond to this?

Tommy V. : “This may be true for some in the sport however I can not speak on behalf of the fighters.  Perhaps they feel some of the opportunities are not worthwhile.  Perhaps they simply are unaware or unmotivated.  I am not completely sure, but I can say yes it may seem that way in some situations.  I will add that Queen MMA Fighting Championships would seek to provide opportunities that a real fighter would not want to pass up.  If we move forward with Queen MMA Fighting Championships one of the main focuses will be to positively benefit all involved and this very much includes the fighters.

Queen MMA Media:  When do you see the first Queen MMA Fighting Championships event being announced?

Tommy V. :  “It is still early in the process.  Things are still coming together and taking form.  I am in no real hurry.  The more important issue is to take the time to design and construct it so it affects all involved in a positive and prosperous way.  At this point in time I can not give a date for a specific first event, but I can say if everything continues to steadily move forward 2019 could definitely be the year.

Queen MMA Media:  It is my understanding that Queen MMA Fighting Championships is an all female fighting promotion.  Is this correct?

Tommy V. :  “Currently that is the objective.  The main focus is on providing more opportunities for female MMA athletes.  Providing quality sports entertainment to WMMA fans will be one of the benefits.

Queen MMA Media:  How do you see the evolution of WMMA over the last decade or so?

Tommy V. :  “I believe the caliber of the competitors has increased tremendously.  The early pioneers of WMMA have set the foundation for what I see as an exciting and growing sport.  The women of WMMA continue to evolve at a rapid rate.  The talent, skill sets, and fight games keep expanding with each new crop of athletes.  Time and time again the women steal the show at promotions across the country.  Today’s WMMA fighters are true warriors who deserve their moment on the stage.  I want to see Queen MMA Fighting Championships provide opportunities and become a positive addition to the sport.

Queen MMA Media:  What would you say to a female fighter amateur or pro who had an interest in getting on a future Queen MMA Fighting Championships card?

Tommy V. :  “I gladly welcome with consideration any female MMA fighter amateur or professional who has an interest.  Even though we are still in the beginning phases and nothing has been promised, several fighters, managers, and coaches have already expressed sizable interest.  Every fighter who has an interest will be considered.  The simplest way to reach out and make contact with me is on Facebook or via email.  I encourage those with such interest to send me a message.  This includes coaches, managers, and so forth as well.  The promotion is still going through stages of development but fighters who reach out with interest will assure a bridge of communication which is vital when event times begin to appear.  A Queen MMA Fighting Championship page will be set up on social media in places like Facebook and perhaps other online venues soon.  That would be a place to start as well as Queen MMA Media.  A website should be coming soon as well.

Queen MMA Media:  After the first Queen MMA Fighting Championships event do you foresee a second and third and so forth?

Tommy V. :  “I am taking it one step at a time offering no promises.  I have been contributing to the WMMA community for many years, taking the time to do as much as I can in as many ways as I can for as many as I can.  Queen MMA Fighting Championships is just another element of that same spirit.  The goal is to continue moving forward while generating positive energy.  It is important to note that nothing is carved in stone.  If the Queen MMA Fighting Championships first event is a success the chances of continuing with a second, a third, and so forth would be considerably high.  We will have to wait and see, it is still early in the fight promotions construction.  I have always believed in quality over quantity.  I hold myself to a high standard.  If a product does not satisfy then it is not worthwhile and should be discontinued.  However based on the positive feedback received so far from fans and fighters it would seem we are moving in the right direction.

Queen MMA Media:  Is it possible for a person or company to be a part of Queen MMA Fighting Championships, as in advertising or sponsorship?

Tommy V. :  “Some of our larger sponsorships are currently being put into place however we are always open to more.  Any business or individual interested in being a part of Queen MMA Fighting Championships are encouraged to contact me.  We welcome sponsors and advertisers of any size, large or small.  I always try to be extremely flexible.  Not only sponsors and advertisers, I will consider any individual who feels they can contribute positive energy to the newly forming promotion.”

Queen MMA Media:  I am sure many readers will be curious as to where the first Queen MMA Fighting Championships event will be held.  Is this information you can share?

Tommy V. :  “It is too early in the promotions development to give you an absolute answer to that question.  I can say it will be someplace in the United States.  I encourage people to follow the Queen MMA Fighting Championships and Queen MMA Media Facebook pages and websites to be kept up to date on the progress.

Queen MMA Media:  What can a fan expect from a Queen MMA Fighting Championships event?

Tommy V. :  “If they are a WMMA fan, they can expect a most excellent time.  The focus will be to serve up exciting amateur and pro WMMA match-ups.  A key part of Queen MMA Fighting Championships mission is to entertain the fans.  I want to try and give the ticket holder an incredible experience that goes beyond expectations.


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