ROSADO vs HOWLAND – Bantamweight Battle NEF 41



(October 22, 2019) – New England Fights continues to bring exciting women’s mixed martial arts to New England.  Andrea Howland and Megan Rosado are set to collide November 9, 2019 in bantamweight action at NEF 41 “Collision Course.”  Andrea “Renegade” Howland has a (2-1) record, fights out of Michigan and trains under the guidance of Michigan Top Team.  The “Renegade” does not shy away from a challenge, always looks for the tough fights, and is ready to get busy in the cage.  This will not be Andrea’s first time traveling to Maine as she battled for the NEF amateur bantamweight title back in April of this year against Taylor “T-Storm” Thompson.  Howland came up short in that title fight but will no doubt be looking to get a win under the NEF promotional banner the second time around.  Howland made her amateur debut in April of 2018 and has continued to evolve as a fighter in a positive direction.



Megan Rosado (3-1) is tough, aggressive, and riding a three fight winning streak.  Rosado fights out of Maine and will have the hometown crowd on her side.  She trains under Evolution Athletix in Saco, Maine and made her amateur debut in December of 2018.  Rosado is ready and on a dominating roll having gained her last two victories via finish.



Andrea Howland and Megan Rosado are both growing amateurs who demonstrate dedication to the sport.  Be prepared on November 9, 2019 for these scrappy bantamweights to drop a heavy jolt of thunder into the cage.

T. Vickers of Queen MMA Media was able to catch up with Megan Rosado for a few quick words about her up coming bout against Andrea Howland at NEF 41.

T. VICKERS – “You are riding a three fight win streak and looking good.  Do you feel ready for the match up? and why?”

MEGAN ROSADO – “I feel more then ready.  I have trained hard and am confident coming into the fight.  I have an amazing group of coaches and training partners whom push me through and past my breaking points!  I am incredibly thankful to them all and proud to have them be a huge part in my journey and in my life.”

T. VICKERS – “How is fight camp going so far?”

MEGAN ROSADO – “Fight camp thus far has been great.  I feel stronger and more skillful each and everyday.  We’re less then a month out so now we amp up.”

T. VICKERS – “Pardon my jumping ahead as we all know fighters must and do focus on one fight at a time.  With that said a victory over Howland could very well put you in a position for a possible New England Fights amateur bantamweight championship fight on the horizon.  The current NEF bantamweight champ is Taylor Thompson who captured the vacant belt earlier this year at the Aura in Portland, Maine.  Is that something you are aiming for or would like to see play out if you come up victorious November 9th?”

MEGAN ROSADO – “As far as a title shot, like I say in all my interviews, my coaches handle that portion of my journey and I fully trust them in my climb to the top.”

Megan explained she has her eyes on both the New England Fights bantamweight title and the amateur bantamweight title of another promotion based out of Massachusetts, of which Taylor Thompson holds both bantamweight title belts.

MEGAN ROSADO – “Interestingly enough if it comes down to it I may have to fight her twice unless someone else does it before me.  November 9th will be my fifth fight in a year’s span each time with me improving which is one of my biggest goals.”

T. VICKERS – “What can the NEF fans expect from you on November 9th?”

MEGAN ROSADO – “I’m striving to be a well rounded fighter in the amateur ranks so that when I go pro I can fight so well that I get noticed by the bigger venues quickly and with ease.  I have no doubt that if I keep that focus and train hard enough I will have more than just titles, medals, and trophy’s in my path.  Keep following me and my journey to the top.  We are going places.  Let’s put on a hella of a fight Andrea!!!”

T. Vickers of Queen MMA Media caught up with the Michigan bantamweight Andrea Howland for some quick words about the upcoming fight at NEF 41.

T. VICKERS – “How is fight camp going so far?”

ANDREA HOWLAND – “Fight camp has been a great experience so far.  Life always serves up new challenges and I’ve found participating in a fight camp on top of normal life stress can make you grow and develop more endurance.  You learn to stay positive and focused because there is a mission you’ve accepted.  I am enjoying that process this time around.”

T. VICKERS – “Do you feel you have grown as a fighter coming off your last fight with NEF in Portland back in April of this year?  If so in what ways? How?”

ANDREA HOWLAND – “Every training camp produces growth in a fighter or at least it should.  That’s truly my goal in every camp – to produce a new version of myself not only with technique but also with mental strength and development.  I absolutely believe I have evolved and that’s what makes these next few weeks so exciting.  I am eager to show a more focused and efficient fighter.  A fighter with specific objectives.  We’re going to test my ability to execute and I am grateful.”

T. VICKERS – “This will be your second time traveling to Maine and fighting under the NEF banner.  You gained some NEF fans on your last visit to Portland.  With that said what can the NEF fans expect from you the second time around?”

ANDREA HOWLAND – “Maine was such an awesome experience!  The people were great and in a lot of ways reminded me of my friends and communities back home.  I hope to continue to build a name for myself in that region of the country and put on a show for the fans at the Aura.  I am coming to bring some noise and compete with girls with the same goals in mind.  They are in for a treat I am sure.”

T. VICKERS – “Do you feel ready for November 9th?  Why?”

ANDREA HOWLAND – “I am ready to be tested and therefore I am “ready.”  I am ever evolving and ever improving so the moment of readiness is nearly unidentifiable unless you consider other factors.  To me, the moment I recognize my hunger to get in that cage and fight for my life is the moment where I can honestly acknowledge I am ready to rock.  I am looking forward to November 9th to say the least.”

T. VICKERS – “Please pardon my jumping ahead as we all know fighters must and do focus on one fight at a time.  With that said a victory over Rosado could very well put you in a position for another shot at the NEF amateur bantamweight title.  Currently the NEF bantamweight champion is Taylor “T-Storm” Thompson.  Is that something you would welcome – a rematch title bout against Thompson?  A chance to even the score.”

ANDREA HOWLAND – “In all honesty, I actually developed a bond with Taylor following our fight.  We communicate often and have shown a tremendous amount of support for one another.  I believe she intends to be there in Portland for the match up.  I am grateful to have met her on my martial arts journey as she is an incredible human.  In regards to a rematch, first I will say that I think match ups are hard to determine or fathom when you have another opponent in front of you that deserves all your focus.  However I can understand your intrigue in the concept.  I would honestly prefer a long line of activity in the NEF division before the rematch would make sense.  I want to be part of an organization that wants to embrace and develop female divisions.  In other words, I would only want a rematch for a title if it developed organically and I genuinely earned it.  In the meantime I want to see a division materialize before my eyes and I want to be a part of building it whether the title in on the line or not.”

T. Vickers of Queen MMA Media was able to reach Matt Peterson, owner of New England Fights pertaining to the NEF match up – Megan Rosado versus Andrea Howland and a closer look at the future of the NEF amateur bantamweight title.

T. VICKERS – “Howland is returning to Portland and New England Fights to face Rosado.  It is my understanding Taylor Thompson is the current NEF amateur bantamweight title holder.  Can the NEF fans look forward to the winner of Howland versus Rosado possibly facing Thompson in the not so far future?  A Rosado – Thompson match up if Rosado pulls out the win or perhaps a Howland – Thompson rematch if Howland comes up with the victory?  Both look like excellent fights.”

MATT PETERSON – “Taylor is still the 135 pound champion.  We would have liked to have featured Megan Rosado versus Taylor Thompson for the title on this card, but Taylor is still injured from her last bout and was unable to compete on this card.  It would seem logical that the winner of Rosado vs Howland would face Taylor for the title, but anything can happen and nothing is certain at this point.  We need to see what Taylor’s timeline and plans for return are first – and we need to see how this fight with Andrea and Megan plays out.”


New England Fights has shown a strong commitment to bringing entertaining women’s MMA match ups to the northeast and has produced some of the best female action in New England.  NEF has presented numerous WMMA fights over the years under the leadership of Matt Peterson.  In the past Queen MMA has had the privilege to deliver female match-ups in conjunction with NEF and enjoyed the experience.

The NEF 41 card is fully loaded and will not only serve up the Howland – Rosado bout, but will also include Maine sensation Glory “The Fury” Watson (6-0) versus Cara Greenwell (9-4) for the NEF vacant amateur strawweight title.

By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


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