By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


“The HAMMER” versus “The HURRICANE”

These two tough and talented professional WMMA bantamweights are scheduled to throw down May 18, 2019 at Smokies Stadium, Kodak, Tennessee.  The Hickam – Chase match up is just one of the top quality fights on card at VFC 59.



Morgan “The Hammer” Hickam fights out of Knoxville, Tennessee.  She is set to make her professional debut at Smokies Stadium in Kodak, Tennessee for Valor Fighting Challenge 59.  “The Hammer” Hickam generated an undefeated (4-0) record as an amateur. The thirty year old Hickam won the Alabama Fighting Championship amateur bantamweight title in July of 2018 with a unanimous decision victory over a very tough Danielle Wynn.  In March of 2019 she captured the vacant Valor Fights amateur bantamweight championship over a scrappy Fotini Kandris.




“Hurricane” Hope Chase is ready to surge back from a disappointing pro debut loss against Heather Walker Leahy back in December of 2018 at Pinnacle FC 18.   Chase is an exciting fighter who brings an aggressive karate – boxing style mixed with effective grappling.  As an amateur, Chase produced an impressive (4-0) record with three of her victories coming by way of TKO finish.  She won the BP amateur bantamweight championship via split decision over a talented Elizabeth Lewis in November of 2017 and in July of 2018 won the vacant Ring of Combat amateur bantamweight championship with a first round finish of Despina Karavas.  The twenty year old Chase fights out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and trains under White Viper Martial Arts and head coach Peter Chase.

This explosive match up could easily bloom into Fight of the Night.



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In an effort to promote WMMA amateur atomweights (105 lbs) Queen MMA Media releases it’s current WMMA USA Amateur Atomweight Official Rankings.  Rankings are as of March 23, 2019.



HANNAH “The Rock” SCOGGINS cemented her place as the number one ranked amateur atomweight in the United States with an impressive unanimous decision victory against Kristi Garr March 9, 2019 at Total Warrior Combat.  The twenty-one year old Scoggins has produced an outstanding (7-1) amateur record. Four of her seven wins have come by way of finish with two of the finishes coming in the first round. She has gained wins over such quality amateur opponents as Kara Marie Vislosky, Elli Wagman, Laneisha Vinson, and Kristi Garr.  She is (3-0) as an amateur atomweight, her only loss has come at strawweight. Scoggins is out of South Carolina and made her amateur debut in 2016.  She has evolved into a real deal WMMA prospect and a dominating amateur atomweight with a promising future in the cage.



ELISE REED is out of New Jersey and ranked the number two amateur atomweight in the United States.  She is a hard hitting twenty-six year old WMMA amateur with an excellent (7-1) record. Five of her wins have been by way of finish.  Reed won the vacant Cage Wars amateur atomweight championship title in November of 2018 and the Spartyka Fight League vacant  amateur atomweight championship title in February of 2019. She is (2-1) as an atomweight and brings a serious stand up game. Elise Reed made her amateur debut in 2013 and has become a top level WMMA amateur that is improving with every fight.



TIFFANY “Pikachu” LEE is out of North Carolina.  She began her amateur WMMA career in 2017 as a strawweight.  She has become a high quality amateur atomweight with a perfect (5-0) record.  Lee has proven she can end the fight with three of her five wins coming via finish.  She is (2-0) as an atomweight.



STEPHANIE PERNILLO is out of Utah.  She is a quality amateur atomweight with an undefeated (5-0) record.  Pernillo has won four of her five wins via finish, with three of her finishes coming by way of KO/TKO.



ALEJANDRA BENTANCOURT is thirty-four years old and out of Kentucky.  She made her amateur debut in 2015 and has produced a respectable (4-1) amateur record. Bentancourt is on a three fight winning streak and a true atomweight having fought all her amateur bouts at atomweight.



SAMANTHA “Wolf Queen” SEFF is out of North Carolina.  She is an amateur WMMA athlete who made her debut as a flyweight in 2016.  With a stout amateur record of (4-2).  Seff has evolved into an extremely competitive atomweight.



CHRISTIN “Bam Bam” CAMPOS is out of Texas and carries a solid (4-1) record as a WMMA amateur.  Her only loss being her amateur debut which came via close split decision as a flyweight. Christin seems to have found her home at the 105 lbs weight division and is currently (2-0) as an atomweight.  She has finished three of her four wins, with two by way of KO/TKO and one by rear naked choke.



KATIE “Maquina Asesina” PEREZ is out of North Carolina.  She made her amateur WMMA debut in impressive style by winning the OFP Atomweight Championship title with a second round submission of Hailey Hoard in 2018.  In her second amateur bout Perez defended the OFP amateur Atomweight Championship title with a second round finish against a rugged Irene White.  Perez is (2-0) and fast becoming an up and coming amateur atomweight.



SARAH “Reptar” JONES is an amateur atomweight out of Michigan.  She has a strong (4-2) record.  Jones has gained victories during her amateur career over able opponents such as Kayla McCorie and Charity LaBuy.  Her accomplishments include winning the Impact Fight League amateur Atomweight Championship title in 2017.



KAYLA KIPP is a (3-1) WMMA amateur out of Ohio.  Her last bout was a unanimous decision victory against a challenging Jennifer Hicks for the Honor FC Amateur Atomweight Championship title in 2018.






2 – ELISE REED (7 – 1)

3 – TIFFANY LEE (5 – 0)



6 – SAMANTHA SEFF (4 – 2)


8 – KATIE PEREZ (2 – 0)

9 – SARAH JONES (4 – 2)

10 – KAYLA KIPP (3 – 1)

11 – KRISTI GARR (3 – 2)

12 – ANNA SOMERS (2 – 1)

Queen MMA Media – WMMA USA Amateur Atomweight Rankings are based on the level of competition faced, the fighter’s record, opponent’s record, effectiveness in the cage, activity, and amateur atomweight championship title belts gained.  Fighters are given extra consideration for finishes. To be eligible fighters must have fought at atomweight in their most recent bout.  Fighters who have not had a match in three years are not eligible.


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QUEEN MMA Media founder talks about possible New Fight Promotion



The idea of a new MMA fight promotion is not new.  MMA promotions have come and gone over the years.  Since the announcement just a few days ago of Queen MMA Fighting Championships possibly being on the horizon, Queen MMA Media has had a high volume of interested individuals and inquiries.  In an effort to respond Queen MMA Media has elected to share with its readers a first look interview with its founder pertaining to the announcement of a possible Queen MMA Fighting Championships.   



Queen MMA Media:  What made you decide to launch Queen MMA Fighting Championships?

Tommy V. (Founder) :  “I am interested in building a platform for WMMA athletes to showcase their skills, promote quality amateur and professional WMMA competition, empower WMMA fighters with more opportunities, and provide WMMA fans with entertaining promotions.  Over the past several months I have spoken with many fighters, coaches, managers, and fans who all seem to agree the idea of more opportunity for female fighters is a super thing.

Queen MMA Media: Some believe women fighters are not always willing to step up and take the fight.  How do you feel about that?

Tommy V. :  “This may be true in part as I am sure it is with the male fighters as well.  I agree an important ingredient for a successful fight promotion is willingness for fighters to step up and take the fight.  However it is fair to say that for very fighter that is not willing to step up several others are eagerly waiting to take their place.  Just the other day I had a similar conversation with Catie Denning, an exciting female fighter who in my opinion summed it up quite well.  “I feel like women have come along way in a short amount of time.  It was just back in 2011 Dana White said we would never see women in the UFC.  Now, women are not only at that level and performing exceptionally well, but also headlining major pay-per-view events.  We still have a ways to go, but I truly think popularity among young female athletes in MMA is on the rise and will continue to do so. I feel another all female promotion would be welcome, fans love to watch female fights. They are exciting to witness, especially when it goes against the notion that fighting is for men.”

Queen MMA Media:  There are some who feel women in MMA do not effectively capitalize on current opportunities.  How do you respond to this?

Tommy V. : “This may be true for some in the sport however I can not speak on behalf of the fighters.  Perhaps they feel some of the opportunities are not worthwhile.  Perhaps they simply are unaware or unmotivated.  I am not completely sure, but I can say yes it may seem that way in some situations.  I will add that Queen MMA Fighting Championships would seek to provide opportunities that a real fighter would not want to pass up.  If we move forward with Queen MMA Fighting Championships one of the main focuses will be to positively benefit all involved and this very much includes the fighters.

Queen MMA Media:  When do you see the first Queen MMA Fighting Championships event being announced?

Tommy V. :  “It is still early in the process.  Things are still coming together and taking form.  I am in no real hurry.  The more important issue is to take the time to design and construct it so it affects all involved in a positive and prosperous way.  At this point in time I can not give a date for a specific first event, but I can say if everything continues to steadily move forward 2019 could definitely be the year.

Queen MMA Media:  It is my understanding that Queen MMA Fighting Championships is an all female fighting promotion.  Is this correct?

Tommy V. :  “Currently that is the objective.  The main focus is on providing more opportunities for female MMA athletes.  Providing quality sports entertainment to WMMA fans will be one of the benefits.

Queen MMA Media:  How do you see the evolution of WMMA over the last decade or so?

Tommy V. :  “I believe the caliber of the competitors has increased tremendously.  The early pioneers of WMMA have set the foundation for what I see as an exciting and growing sport.  The women of WMMA continue to evolve at a rapid rate.  The talent, skill sets, and fight games keep expanding with each new crop of athletes.  Time and time again the women steal the show at promotions across the country.  Today’s WMMA fighters are true warriors who deserve their moment on the stage.  I want to see Queen MMA Fighting Championships provide opportunities and become a positive addition to the sport.

Queen MMA Media:  What would you say to a female fighter amateur or pro who had an interest in getting on a future Queen MMA Fighting Championships card?

Tommy V. :  “I gladly welcome with consideration any female MMA fighter amateur or professional who has an interest.  Even though we are still in the beginning phases and nothing has been promised, several fighters, managers, and coaches have already expressed sizable interest.  Every fighter who has an interest will be considered.  The simplest way to reach out and make contact with me is on Facebook or via email.  I encourage those with such interest to send me a message.  This includes coaches, managers, and so forth as well.  The promotion is still going through stages of development but fighters who reach out with interest will assure a bridge of communication which is vital when event times begin to appear.  A Queen MMA Fighting Championship page will be set up on social media in places like Facebook and perhaps other online venues soon.  That would be a place to start as well as Queen MMA Media.  A website should be coming soon as well.

Queen MMA Media:  After the first Queen MMA Fighting Championships event do you foresee a second and third and so forth?

Tommy V. :  “I am taking it one step at a time offering no promises.  I have been contributing to the WMMA community for many years, taking the time to do as much as I can in as many ways as I can for as many as I can.  Queen MMA Fighting Championships is just another element of that same spirit.  The goal is to continue moving forward while generating positive energy.  It is important to note that nothing is carved in stone.  If the Queen MMA Fighting Championships first event is a success the chances of continuing with a second, a third, and so forth would be considerably high.  We will have to wait and see, it is still early in the fight promotions construction.  I have always believed in quality over quantity.  I hold myself to a high standard.  If a product does not satisfy then it is not worthwhile and should be discontinued.  However based on the positive feedback received so far from fans and fighters it would seem we are moving in the right direction.

Queen MMA Media:  Is it possible for a person or company to be a part of Queen MMA Fighting Championships, as in advertising or sponsorship?

Tommy V. :  “Some of our larger sponsorships are currently being put into place however we are always open to more.  Any business or individual interested in being a part of Queen MMA Fighting Championships are encouraged to contact me.  We welcome sponsors and advertisers of any size, large or small.  I always try to be extremely flexible.  Not only sponsors and advertisers, I will consider any individual who feels they can contribute positive energy to the newly forming promotion.”

Queen MMA Media:  I am sure many readers will be curious as to where the first Queen MMA Fighting Championships event will be held.  Is this information you can share?

Tommy V. :  “It is too early in the promotions development to give you an absolute answer to that question.  I can say it will be someplace in the United States.  I encourage people to follow the Queen MMA Fighting Championships and Queen MMA Media Facebook pages and websites to be kept up to date on the progress.

Queen MMA Media:  What can a fan expect from a Queen MMA Fighting Championships event?

Tommy V. :  “If they are a WMMA fan, they can expect a most excellent time.  The focus will be to serve up exciting amateur and pro WMMA match-ups.  A key part of Queen MMA Fighting Championships mission is to entertain the fans.  I want to try and give the ticket holder an incredible experience that goes beyond expectations.


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AMY GOLDING: Twelve time national champion wrestler to make amateur WMMA debut

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)



(Queen MMA Media) – Amy Golding will be making her amateur WMMA debut November 24, 2018 at Cage Wars 39.  She is scheduled to square off against Fatima Kline in an atomweight match up set to go down at the Rivers Casino & Resort in Schenectady, New York.  Both Golding and Kline will be making their amateur debuts. Fatima Kline is trained by the highly respected Brian McLaughlin and Precision Boxing & MMA and will no doubt be ready to carry her end of the fight.

Amy Golding is an accomplished wrestler.  In high school she became the first female in a state wrestling tournament to compete in and win a match.  It was at that moment many believed there was something special about Amy.  Since then Amy has gone on to build a strong grappling background that includes a college national championship and twelve national championships in freestyle wrestling.  “I am looking to transfer into MMA,” explained the twenty-six year old Golding.  Amy has trained with Olympic champions along her journey and seems very prepared to make the move to competitive mixed martial arts.

amy 1

MMA journalist Tommy V. (Queen MMA Media) caught up with Amy Golding for a few quick questions about the upcoming fight.

Tommy V. – Time and time again wrestling skills have proven themselves to be a major factor in the MMA cage.  You are clearly an accomplished wrestler.  With that said, have you been working on expanding your fight game?  If so how?

AMY GOLDING –I have always known once I was finished with wrestling I would go into MMA.  I started taking MMA classes while still competing in college wrestling.  I have fine tuned my striking combinations and submissions as well as take-downs for the fight.”

Tommy V. – What has brought you to the decision to step into the amateur MMA cage? Has this been a goal of yours for awhile?

AMY GOLDING –I chose to fight amateur because it is the first step to being number one professionally.  It has been a long term goal for many years and I feel that I am finally at the perfect spot in my life with my family to be able to make it my career.”

Tommy V. – This will be your amateur MMA debut, are you prepared?  And why?

AMY GOLDING –Yes, it is my first amateur fight, and I am very excited about it!  Whenever I step onto the mat or into the cage I have a lot of confidence and most of that comes from belief in my training regiment.  I have a wonderful team who have helped me become completely prepared for the upcoming fight.”

Tommy V. – How would you describe yourself as a competitor?

AMY GOLDING –I don’t train to beat specific people I train to beat everyone with any style and I think that is a big difference between myself and other athletes. I have a lot of confidence in myself as a competitor because I have medaled on the world stage before and have felt the pressure. Instead of being scared I learned early to embrace and love it.

Tommy V. – What has been your biggest challenge transitioning to MMA?

AMY GOLDING – “The hardest transition for me to make was figuring out which wrestling positions carried over to MMA and which didn’t. The basic concepts between wrestling and MMA are the same but a lot of typical wrestling positions leave you open for injury in MMA.”

Tommy V. – Feel free to give a shout-out.

AMY GOLDING –I have a lot of people to thank for helping me. My coaches Joe Ucellini and Lenny Baker at Curby wrestling club for their continued help and support. My husband Eliah for spending countless hours preparing me, training me and just for being there. Thank you to Ryan and Tom Bergami, my mother, Colonie wrestling and all friends and supporters I may have forgotten to mention. Thank you all it’s going to be a fun night November 24!”

The highly decorated wrestler, Amy Golding could be a real diamond in the rough. This amateur debut is worth going to see.


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ALIBETH MILLIRON: Ready to unleash at KOTC – In The Mix

There aren’t too many other avenues for someone as laidback and easy going as myself to unleash a little mayhem” – ALIBETH “Overtime” MILLIRON

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


King of the Cage – IN THE MIX


(Queen MMA Media) – Alibeth “Overtime” Milliron is set to square off against Tara “The Tiny Terror” Graff in professional WMMA strawweight action.  Alibeth fights out of Michigan and is riding a four fight winning streak.  The twenty-eight year old Milliron is coming off a first round TKO win via punches against Sheena Brandenburg back in April of 2018.  Milliron wields a hard hitting taekwondo style and has produced an outstanding amateur record of 9 – 4 before turning pro.  Alibeth has accumulated a considerable amount of experience before stepping up to the professional level.  As an amateur she has competed against some upper end names in the sport including the UFC veteran Ronda Markos.  Alibeth captured two amateur championship titles along her MMA journey.  The first being the Capital City Cage Fight Championships flyweight amateur title in October of 2016 with a second round finish via arm-bar over Rashelle Cook.  The second being the Impact Fight League amateur atomweight title by way of second round TKO of Sarah Jones in April of 2017.  Milliron has an incredible work ethic.  Her coaches are quick to point out she always trains more, works more, and gives more. For this reason she was nicknamed “Overtime”.

Tara Graff fights out of Maryland and is coming off a first round TKO victory over Marisal Ruelas in October of 2018 at King of the Cage – New Frontier.  She is (1 – 0) as a pro and a serious opponent.  These two Strawweights have what it takes to light up the Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino.

ali 1.jpg

Alibeth “Overtime” Milliron delivers a smashing right hand with authority in professional debut against Brandenburg.

Queen MMA Media (Tommy V.) caught up with Alibeth Milliron for some Q & A before her upcoming pro strawweight match up with Tara Graff.

Tommy V. – You made your professional debut with a first round finish of Sheena Brandenburg, were you satisfied with your performance?  And why?

ALIBETH MILLIRON – “My pro debut went as well as I could have wished for.  I always put in long camps for my fights and it was nice to see the things I had worked on come out in that fight and earn me the first round finish.  My earlier wins were largely TKO/KO but since  I’ve been focused on being more technical and since the level of amateur fighters I’ve faced has gotten better there were several decision wins towards the end of my amateur career.  So it was nice to get back to my finishing ways going pro.

Tommy V. – In your opinion what makes you different from other WMMA fighters?

ALIBETH MILLIRON – “I think my exposure to this sport is probably one of the things that make me different as a fighter.  I entered the MMA world when it was very young in my region.  It was the wild west days of Michigan MMA back in 2008 when I had my first amateur fight and while I took quite a few years off for my family between then and now I have had the opportunity to watch the level of female fighters grow to where it is now.  The understanding of how vital a well rounded game is, this sport is clearer to me now more than ever.  I also have a very grateful perspective towards this sport.  There aren’t too many other avenues for someone as laidback and easy going as myself to find an avenue to unleash a little mayhem.”

Tommy V. – Why do you feel you are ready to face Graff?  And how do you see this fight ending?

ALIBETH MILLIRON – “I feel ready to face Graff because of the opponents I’ve already faced.  I’ve faced high level BJJ fighters, wrestlers, strikers, and everything in between.  I put in the time to develop and strengthen my existing skill sets.  I enter my fights with the right attitude.  I never try to tell myself how I have to finish a fight so whether it comes by TKO/KO, submission, or decision I leave that up to fate and if this isn’t the type of fight to keep you on the edge of your seat then I’ll be shocked.  My fights are hallmarked by an aggressive pace and I always attempt to make the audience feel the same amount of love and joy that I have for this sport while I’m fighting.”

Tommy V. – Your taekwondo kicking game is spot on in my view, with that said are you equally confident with your jiu jitsu and ground game?  And Why?

ALIBETH MILLIRON – “While of course my martial arts base began with taaekwondo it didn’t take me more than my first amateur fight to realize there was so much more to becoming a mixed martial artist.  In the last several years I’ve focused a lot of energy into developing my ground game and making it suitable for MMA.  Competing in BJJ tournaments against higher ranked opposition has really developed the confidence I have in my ground game.  I also am blessed with several amazing wrestling coaches who have improved my grappling and takedown awareness exponentially.”

Tommy V. – During your amateur career you began at flyweight (125 lbs) from 2009 – 2016, your first six bouts. Your last two amateur fights being at atomweight (105 lbs). You made your pro debut at strawweight (115 lbs). Your upcoming pro match up with Graff is set for strawweight.  I understand it is common for an amateur to bounce around weight divisions from time to time in order to land a fight, now that you are pro are you comfortable at strawweight? And do you see yourself settling down at 115 as a pro?

ALIBETH MILLIRON“The early years of me fighting typically consisted of me showing up to regional fights hoping that a match would happen. If someone was within a reasonable weight of me and sometimes unreasonable I took the fight. While this seems crazy now in our sanctioned and regulated MMA of today, in some of my early fights I took on opponents that weighed in at 155 lbs. So while I competed at or around 125 pounds it was a very ambiguous weight class for me. When I re-entered the MMA world and seriously dedicated myself to seeing where I could go in this sport I made 115 so easily that I decided to try the 105 weight class and while several of those weight cuts were fine that most recent one in Reno for the World Amateur Championships was miserable so I bumped back up to 115 for my pro debut preferring to have a happy and healthy fight camp. While I am certainly not discounting atomweight in the future I am also more interested in being happy and doing what I love without dreading the process than trying to have a few pounds of advantage over my opponents.”

Tommy V. – Where do you train and get your guidance?

ALIBETH MILLIRON – “I train primarily under my coaches Tom Capaldi and Joe & Jordan Haggerty at Ludus MMA in Petoskey, MI.  I also train under BJJ black belt Terry Shaner and kicks/striking under TKD black belt Mike Patrick out of Petoskey as well.”


Alibeth “Overtime” Milliron is (1 – 0) as a professional.  She is high impact, hard charging, and coming for the victory.  Milliron is a explosive fighter and definitely one to keep a watch on.  She has all the ingredients necessary to go far in the sport of Pro – MMA.

King of the Cage (In The Mix) / November 10, 2018 / Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino


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JAYME HINSHAW: Ready to defend her KOTC atomweight championship title

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


JAYME HINSHAW: Ready to defend her King of the Cage Atomweight Title

atombomb 1

Jayme “Atombomb” Hinshaw ready to defend her KOTC Atomweight throne

(QUEEN MMA MEDIA) – On November 10, 2018 Jayme “Atombomb” Hinshaw will defend her King of the Cage (KOTC) pro atomweight title against Katie “Queen of the North” Saull.

The twenty-nine year old champion is on an outstanding three fight win streak.  She is coming off a one-sided title defense against Bi Nguyen.  Hinshaw demonstrated devastating striking against Nguyen, finishing the fight via fourth round rear naked choke submission in July of 2018.

Jayme won the KOTC atomweight title belt in November of 2017 stopping Melissa Karagianis at KOTC – ‘Unstoppable 2’.

There is little question that Hinshaw and her team have increased the boom in the “Atombomb’s” stand up game.  Expect the champion to deliver explosive offense during her hunt for another successful defense of the KOTC atomweight championship belt.

The thirty-one year old Katie Saull is riding an impressive three fight winning streak. She is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Cassie Robb at KOTC – ‘Impending Attack’ in July of 2018.  The “Queen of the North” will be bringing a (3 – 2) pro record and a strong hunger for the atomweight championship belt.

Tommy V. – In your last fight, a title defense against Bi Nguyen, you showed, in my view, a noticeable improvement in your striking, namely your punching.  You dropped Bi twice in the first round with right hands.  The first knockdown was a clean right and the second knockdown a nice flurry combination capped by a solid right hand.  In the second round you dropped her again with a big wide hooking right.  Do you feel your punching has increased in accuracy and power?  If so why?  Is this something you have been focusing on in your fight game?

JAYME HINSHAW – “I have been working on my striking since my fight with Kelly V.  I wanted to showcase it when I got the title shot but due to me breaking my arm in the first round I couldn’t display it.  My coaches and I have been working for awhile with my accuracy and power.  I’m glad that not just my coaches and myself have noticed, it means that what we do here at FITNHB works.

Tommy V. – You are on a three fight winning streak.  In many peoples eyes you have turned your pro fight career around considerably.  With that said your upcoming opponent Katie Saull seems to have upgraded her fight game as well and will be bringing a three fight winning streak of her own into the cage.  How do you see this fight playing out?

JAYME HINSHAW – “How I see this fight going is with me getting my hand raised at the end of the day.  I’m on a winning streak and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. We both are going to go into that cage at our best so I know its going to be a great fight. But like I said before I see myself winning either by KO, TKO, or by submission.

Tommy V. – You have spent your WMMA pro career as an atomweight, do you see yourself moving up and taking a try at strawweight someday?

JAYME HINSHAW – “Yes I have spent my whole MMA career in the atomweight division the only time I went up to strawweight was just to fill in when a girl had pulled out and they needed someone.  I was down to fight because I didn’t have to cut any weight due to me fighting at atomweight just six days prior.  It was in my amateur career so it was just about getting more experience and me just wanting to fight.  Now that I’m in my pro career I don’t feel it will be in my best interest to go to strawweight.  I sit in and out of fight camp below 120 lbs.  My weight is even on the low side compared to most of the atomweights.  I believe I can hang with most strawweights on the skill set aspect but wouldn’t want to go up and get beat by that lay and pray BS.”

This championship contest has everything needed to be an exciting fight.  Both Hinshaw and Saull are at the top of their fight game and are guaranteed to provide high level action.  This is an atomweight match up the crowd at the Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino will remember.

atombomb 2


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ANDREA “Renegade” HOWLAND: An up and coming WMMA amateur athlete

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


ANDREA “Renegade” HOWLAND: An up and coming WMMA amateur

My children and the opportunity to give them a better life.  I believe they deserve an extraordinary sense of security and freedom.  I am not going to stop until I give it to them.” – ANDREA “Renegade” HOWLAND

Andrea 7

Andrea “Renegade” Howland – One tough mother (Photo Credit – Jennings Photography)

Andrea “Renegade” Howland is off to an impressive start in the cage with an undefeated amateur record of (2 – 0).  The “Renegade” is developing and evolving nicely.  Andrea understands the hard work, dedication, and grit needed to prosper in the competitive world of mixed martial arts.  She is a mother of two young children who is not afraid of a big challenge.  Andrea is aware of what it takes to make it in the Women’s Mixed Martial Arts fight game and seems quite ready and prepared to give it her all.   The twenty-nine year old Howland made her amateur debut against Ashley Dominic under the promotion of Big John’s MMA in April of 2018.  Howland dominated the matchup with her reach advantage.  She executed good power in her punching and delivered numerous hard striking leg kicks.  In the first round Andrea used her strength to toss Dominic around with relative ease.  Despite having Dominic in trouble early, the bout ended with a one-sided unanimous decision.  The natural nerves of a debut did seem to show but there is little doubt that Howland will continue to evolve in a positive direction.  In August of 2018 the “Renegade” captured her second victory, a hard fought split decision over a formidable and undefeated amateur in Atty Belanger at WXC 73.  Queen MMA Media caught up with WMMA amateur bantamweight Andrea “Renegade” Howland for some Q & A.

Andrea 5

Photo Credit – Jennings Photography

Tommy V. – How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “I believe I am more calculating then most developing fighters.  I try to utilize my mental strength before my physical.  Sometimes I think that helps me and sometimes I wish I was more impulsive and aggressive.  I think I identify with striking as it seems to come more naturally.”

Tommy V. – What motivates you?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “My children and the opportunity to give them a better life.  I believe they deserve an extraordinary sense of security and freedom.  I am not going to stop until I give it to them.”

Tommy V. – What or who do you look towards for inspiration?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “I think the idea of not reaching my goals is threatening in itself to inspire me to keep me going.  However, I do draw inspiration from my teammates who all have different circumstances and struggles.  It’s nice to identify with their journey and look at how we all have to overcome hardships to get where we want to be.”

Andrea 6

The “Renegade” lands a stinging left jab against Ashley Dominic

Tommy V. – You are one of many quality WMMA fighters out of Michigan.  Would you agree there is a sizable cluster of female fighters coming out of the Michigan area – such names as Calie Cutler and Cora Thomason to name a few?  And why?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “It’s an honor to be considered amongst a group with those names.  I’ve been watching girls like Calie and Cora since before I started training knowing that I wanted to follow in their footsteps.  So to have the opportunity to train alongside them now is a blessing.  I think the talent has always been here in Michigan but we craved a platform to be seen and recognized.  I think this is the turning of the tide and we are going to make sure that people recognize what we offer to the sport not only in Michigan but also on a national scale.”

Tommy V. – Your October 13, 2018 fight for Lights Out Promotions was cancelled, can you enlighten my readers as to why?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “The promotion was told by my opponent, Melissa Acosta, that she had “Preexisting injuries” that would not allow her to gain medical clearance on her physical.  To be honest, I was disappointed in her actions because this news came only a week out from the fight.  It would have been appreciated to know sooner in attempt to salvage the opportunity and find another girl.  Whether she truly was injured or not, I feel her communication was lacking and it was disrespectful to myself as well as Lights Out Championship.  I, in no way, have interest in working with her in the future.”

Andrea 2

Howland battles it out with Atty Belanger at WXC 73

Tommy V. – Being a mom of two children do you see this as a plus or negative as a fighter?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “I absolutely see it as a plus. Overall, it adds more challenges when it comes to training, but it produces a sense of urgency and a fire inside of me that I doubt I would have without my children in my life. I know that I must make it work because I am dedicating so much time to the sport and taking that time away from children. That fact alone gives me a drive to make sure I make the most of my investments. I feel that pressure is a good thing for me specifically even if it’s not for others.”

Tommy V. – It is my understanding you are developing nicely – however you have been trying to focus on improving the ability to relax in the cage. Working on trying not to be tense. How is this coming along for you?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “Actually, I feel I am becoming more relaxed which is great, but I feel I need to turn up the aggression. I am finding it is a balance to have a sense of calm but at the same time harness explosiveness. In my next matchup I hope to showcase this phase of my development.” 

Andrea 4

Sacrifice is what it will take and sacrifice she is ready to make (Photo Credit – Jennings Photography)

Tommy V. – What made you decide to step into the cage?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “I am a competitor at heart. I always have been. Mixed Martial Arts to me was the ultimate challenge based off of what I have seen in athletics previously. I honestly could not resist. I look for new things to try because I have the confidence that I am good at most of what I put my mind to. I just now face the question of what I am meant to be great at. I believe MMA has brought that desire out of me and I want to pursue this career until it no longer makes sense and I accomplish everything I set out to do.”

Tommy V. – At 2-0 as an amateur with wins over Atty Belanger and Ashley Dominic who or what’s next for you?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “That’s a hard question to answer. In Michigan or in the Midwest there seems to be a new wave of competitors in my division. I am still becoming familiar with all the promotions in my regional area and the new faces of competition. I think the next steps for me are to develop as an athlete and keep my eyes open for the next big opportunity. I said when I started in MMA I wanted to fight frequently. I have been in a fight camp this entire year until now. I plan to take time to get my family safely through the winter months and then look for my next matchup at the beginning of 2019. At that point I do not plan on letting off the gas until around this time next year. So I am excited to see what the future holds.” 

Tommy V. – Who or what fighter(s) do you admire in the cage if any and why?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “My heart and respect will always be with any parents that compete or train. I just identify with that lifestyle. However, if I had to be specific I don’t think there are fighters I necessarily look up to but I have respect for their skillsets and efforts. I will say, the fighters that go out of their way to promote themselves and take advantage of the business side of the sport I try to watch closely and follow their lead. I think many MMA fighters misunderstand that they are in an entertainment business and if you want to make this thing work you must play that part.” 

Andrea 3

Photo Credit – Jennings Photography

Tommy V. – What advice would you share if any with a new amateur looking to enter the cage?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “You have to train for a significant amount of time and test yourself on the mats over and over again before you make the conscious decision to take a fight. Get punched in the face, take body kicks, make a teammate literally overwhelm you in sparring, grapple until you’re exhausted, etc. I think mentally challenging yourself is so much more important than having the skillsets. You can always develop new striking or learn jiu-jitsu but if you’re not mentally prepared you can have a bad experience prematurely and it can delay your competition life. I had to prove some of those things to myself before I even starting looking for a matchup.”

Tommy V. – Where do you want your WMMA career to be this time next year?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “I want to look at back at 2019 and see at least 3 to 4 successful fight camps. To be more specific I want 3 to 4 solid finishes this next year. If I get more than that I’ll be ecstatic. I also want to see my teammates fighting frequently and finding success as well. I want to move forward as a unit.” 

Tommy V. – Is turning pro a future goal for you?

ANDREA HOWLAND – “Absolutely. It has been the goal from the beginning. 5 to 7 finishes is my goal before I even look at the pro ranks. I don’t know how many fights that will take but it is important to me to know I can end fights and I can do it in numerous circumstances. That is my focus and goal for 2019. No decisions.” 

Tommy V. – Feel free to add any shout-outs to sponsorship, coaches, and so forth.

ANDREA HOWLAND – “Thank you to my teams: Michigan Top Team and Bushido Mixed Martial Arts Ypsilanti. I would like to thank my sponsors: Never Tap Canada, Dank Inovations, Shakers Bar & Grill, Bad Chicks MMA, MMA Roadhog, JustBU360, IronJaw Custom Mouthguards, & Fighter Alias. Your support means a great deal to me. I have no idea where I would be without you.”

Cover Photo – Jennings Photography


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Shawna ‘Bam Bam’ Ormsby: Hungry for another win at KOTC – New Frontier

“Experience means nothing when you’re getting punched in the face.. .” – SHAWNA ‘Bam Bam’ ORMSBY

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


SHAWNA “Bam Bam’ ORMSBY: Hungry for another win at KING OF THE CAGE


(Queen MMA Media) – Shawna ‘Bam Bam’ Ormsby is set to fight Melissa ‘Magic’ Karagianis Saturday October 13, 2018 under the KOTC promotional banner in Hanover, Maryland.  Karagianis is a former King of the Cage atomweight champion looking to get back on the winning track.

It began years ago for Shawna Ormsby when a friend who trained in mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu got her watching Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate on TUF.

I had no idea women did this and seeing their hard work and dedication being put in is what drew me to the sport,” explained Ormsby.  “I respected it so much.  I knew I wanted to work my way into the cage and ring.

Shawna “Bam Bam” Ormsby started training at the age of twenty-one years old and took her first fight only two months later.

I only did tae kwon do for about a year when I was younger,” explained Shawna.

In a five year span of time Shawna achieved three amateur titles in kickboxing and muay thai, a International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association world title, a International Kickboxing Federation world title, a WSDKA state title, and a few gold’s in NAGA Gi and Nogi competitions.  Her accolades clearly document she is not new to combat sports and hosts an expanding skill set.  Ormsby is currently a purple belt in jiu jitsu under Professor Rinaldo Santos a fifth degree black belt under Carlson Gracie.

Shawna brings a Brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai style along with a 1 – 0 professional record into the cage.  The twenty-six year old atomweight  fights out of Orlando, Florida and will be looking for another win under the King of the Cage promotional banner.  Shawna made her pro debut with KOTC back in April of this year, a unanimous decision victory over Kelly Vilarino.

Shawna acquired six fights of experience as an amateur inside the MMA cage, facing notable competition including the WMMA atomweight prospect Lindsey Vanzandt, who in early September fought under the Invicta Fighting Championships banner.  As an amateur Ormsby has fought under numerous promotional banners including KOTC, Valor Fights, and the WCFC before turning pro.

Ormsby points out that one of the highest moments of her MMA career was being signed by King of the Cage promotions, one of the oldest organizations in the sport.

bam bam 4

King of the Cage President alongside Professional Atomweight Shawna ‘Bam Bam’ Ormsby

“I fought at their world amateur championship to win a contract.  I lost my fight to an extremely tough opponent but because of my performance the president of the company personally gave me a contract right after the show,” explained Shawna.  “He saw something in me and I am forever grateful!”

MMA Journalist Tommy V. of QUEEN MMA MEDIA caught up with ‘Bam Bam’ Ormsby for a few quick questions.

Tommy V. – What made you decide to turn professional?

SHAWNA ORMSBY – “Since the day I started training with my coach Joe Caballero. Almost five years ago our ultimate goal was to become pro.  I said that’s what I want.  I love training and learning.  The fact that we get to travel all over the world and meet people who have the same crazy passion as us makes it the best job in the world.  Fighting has changed me so much.  I couldn’t imagine giving this sport up.  I’m no quitter and if I say I’m gonna do something I will stop at nothing to achieve it no matter the battles between.”

Tommy V. – How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

SHAWNA ORMSBY – “I would call myself an unpredictable fighter.  I go into fights and they think oh she’s tiny I’ll run right through her, then they feel my power.  They’ll think I’m just a jiu jitsu fighter then I leave giant hematomas on their face.  Then they think I have no jiu jitsu and I snatch something crazy.  I’ve adapted my body to do whatever I want it to do.  You’ll always see a brand new ‘Bam Bam’ every fight.

Tommy V. – Where do you gain your or look for your inspiration and motivation?

SHAWNA ORMSBY – “My inspiration and motivation first is my family but especially my baby nephew.  He idols me and copies everything I do so I need to be a good figure for him.  My other inspirations are my clients.  I train young girls as young as five, young boys to older women and men.  They get so excited to see my hard work in the cage and they trust me to train them.  That makes me work one thousand times harder than obsessing over a world championship.”

Tommy V. – Melissa Karagianis is a former KOTC atomweight champion and has a considerable amount of professional experience, how do you see this fight playing out?

SHAWNA ORMSBY – “Experience means nothing when you’re getting punched in the face.  I have a total of thirty fights amateur kickboxing, mauy thai, and MMA.  My heart for the game will overpower her and I will dominate.

Tommy V. – In my opinion a strong victory over Karagianis would put you at the doorstep of the KOTC atomweight championship strap.

SHAWNA ORMSBY – “Once I’ve beaten Melissa I’m looking to take on Andy Nguyen right after.  If the KOTC wants to see me take the belt after we will give them the thumps up.”

Shawna ‘Bam Bam’ Ormsby is a fighter you do not want to underestimate.  She has a well rounded fight game and is continuously evolving.  It would seem there is no doubt Ormsby is a hungry fighter on a mission in the atomweight division.

SHAWNA ORMSBY – “Huge shout out first to my coach Joe Caballero for putting up with me these past five years and many more!  A huge thank you and love to all my sponsors who’ve made this all possible for me; Cryonext Integrative Healthcare, Price Boxing, Red Eye Sports Tavern, Hurricane Bingo, Urban Stylez, Fighter Alias, Stefanos Trattoria, Trade Web, Tiger Tail, Aggressive Design, and my future sponsors!  A big thank you to American Top Team Orlando with Professor Paul Rodriguez and his wife Caroline for allowing us to use their gym for training during this fight camp.  I can’t forget my Carlson Gracie family at Carlson Gracie Central Florida and my Carlson Gracie family all over the world.  TEAM BAM BAM IS TAKING OVER!”

bam bam 1

For more info – http://www.kingofthecage.com


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MELISSA ‘Magic’ KARAGIANIS Returns to King of the Cage to face SHAWNA ‘Bam Bam’ ORMSBY

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)




(Queen MMA Media) – Melissa ‘Magic’ Karagianis is scheduled to fight Shawna ‘Bam Bam’ Ormsby Saturday October 13, 2018 under the King of the Cage (KOTC) promotional banner, in what is shaping up to be a very exciting Atomweight match up.  Ormsby is a hungry atomweight out of Orlando, Florida with a 1 – 0 pro record.

Karagianis has been involved with martial arts since she was a young child.  She began with tae kwon do then in her early twenties she started to learn muay thai. Melissa competed in muay thai for a few years before deciding that MMA was for her.


I thought that MMA would be well suited for my aggressive style,” Melissa explained.  “Shortly after the transition I got offered my first MMA fight and the rest was history.”

Melissa fights out of Toronto, Canada and host a 3 – 4 record as a professional.  She is a veteran of the King of the Cage promotion with considerable experience in the cage. Karagianis turned pro in 2015, making her pro debut against Andy Nguyen for the Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting (CUFF) catchweight (112 lbs) title, with the cage side judges awarding her the title win via a split decision.

Above Photographs – LEFT – Melissa ‘Magic’ Karagianis holding title belt while reigning as the King of the Cage Atomweight champion.  RIGHT – Karagianis dropping fist bombs from above on Andy Nguyen during CUFF title match in 2015.

The thirty year old Karagianis is looking to turn around a tough two fight losing streak.

MMA Journalist Tommy V. of Queen MMA Media caught up with Melissa for a few quick questions.

Tommy V – Winning is always important, however with that said you are coming off back to back losses, how much more important is winning to you in this fight?

Melissa Karagianis – “I always train very hard for my fights and go in there to win.  I’ve been fighting top level competition so I take those fights / losses as huge learning experiences.  I don’t feel any more extra pressure.  I’m going to go into that cage being the best version of myself.”

Tommy V. – You won the King of the Cage Atomweight title against Andy Nguyen in August of 2017 by way of unanimous decision.  You lost the title in your first defense to Jayme Hinshaw in November of 2017.  You are an established veteran in the KOTC promotion.  If you can overcome Ormsby do you see yourself going after the KOTC Atomweight title again?

Melissa Karagianis – “I definitely would love to fight for the KOTC title again.”

Tommy V. – You recently fought under the RIZIN promotional banner where you took a three round decision loss against a reputable and upper caliber opponent Kanna Asakura.  What did you gain during the experience?  Do you feel you will be returning to KOTC an improved fighter?

Melissa Karagianis – “Fighting for RIZIN was one of the most amazing experiences. Fighting the number 6th Atomweight in the world on such a huge platform will allow you to grow as a fighter in so many ways.”

The former KOTC Atomweight champion does not take any opponent lightly.  She is training hard and plans to bring her ‘A’ game and expects Ormsby to do the same. Karagianis will be looking to work her ‘Magic’ inside the cage and walk away with the ‘W’.  The atomweight fight is set to go down in Hanover, Maryland.  (For more information – http://www.kingofthecage.com)

I guarantee this will be an exciting ding that you won’t want to miss!” finished Melissa Karagianis.


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Victoria ‘Fury’ Leonardo set to make Invicta FC debut

By: Thomas Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


I am a pressure fighter.  I like to keep moving forward and not give my opponent any time to think,” – VICTORIA “Fury” LEONARDO

(Queen MMA Media) – Victoria “Fury” Leonardo is set to battle Miranda Maverick September 1, 2018 at Invicta FC 31 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Victoria Leonardo is a real deal flyweight prospect.  She began fighting as an amateur in May of 2015 and went on to gain quality experience and produce a 6 – 2 – 1 amateur record.  Victoria is off to an outstanding professional start.  Her most recent fight – a win over Salina Rowland, a highly praised amateur star turned pro at Legacy Fighting Alliance 46.  Her pro debut – a victory by way of rear naked choke submission in the first round against Hailey Cowan at LFA 40.

A lot of people counted me out in those two fights,” explained Leonardo.  “Especially the first one.  I wasn’t surprised, though I knew I could win both of those fights.

Victoria believes her stand up is better than what she has demonstrated in her first two pro fights.  Noting how she dealt with a considerable reach disadvantage in both matches.  “I still have a lot I feel like I haven’t shown in the cage but am very capable of doing,” Leonardo continued.

I am a pressure fighter.  I like to keep moving forward and not give my opponent any time to think,” explained Victoria.

Leonardo fights out of Brent Mason’s Elite Combat Academy located in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Victoria owns and operates Elite Combat Academy alongside her husband Brent Mason who is an accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.  Victoria has fought consistently between 125 lbs – 135 lbs both as an amateur and a pro.  “I believe flyweight is the place for me.  It is perfect for the weight I walk at,” explained Victoria.



VICTORIA ‘Fury’ LEONARDO – “I really pull inspiration from many different fighters and places.  My husband and I are always watching fights with a studious mindset.  He constantly points out things that he thinks I could use or do better at.  I like to look at fighters that have similar builds  and reach as me.  I watch a lot of different fighters from all weight classes looking for things I can use.  For example when I watched the Daniel Cormier – Stipe fight, I was inspired by his dirty boxing knock-out.  When Stipe went for the under hook in the pummel, DC let him so he could collar tie and throw hooks on the other side, which led to the knock-out.  The next time I went to the gym I immediately started training that technique. While I didn’t get the knock-out my last fight, there is a moment in the last half of the third round where I have Salina on the cage and I felt her get that under hook and I collar tied to the head and landed an uppercut and a hook on the other side.  I was really proud when I went back and watched that because its something I got from watching DC and was able to implement the very next time I fought.

Tommy V. – Do you anticipate Miranda Maverick being your biggest test to date in the cage?

VICTORIA ‘Fury’ LEONARDO – “This is definitely the biggest opportunity to date for me.  In some respects I think Maverick is my biggest test against someone who fights similar to the way I do.  I really haven’t faced a lot of opponents that are grappling minded.  However she isn’t the biggest or strongest opponent I’ve faced and I don’t see her being as technical a striker as my last opponent.

With each match Leonardo is becoming more and more relaxed.  She is progressing at a strong rate and her fight game continues to evolve.

The twenty-one year old Maverick enters the cage with a 3 – 1 pro record.  She is looking to bounce back from a split decision loss to Brogan Sanchez in July of 2018 at Invicta FC 30.  Maverick fights out of Missouri and has fought all four of her professional bouts under the Invicta FC banner.  She has gained victories over notable fighters such as Gabby Romero and hard charging Kal Schwartz.

This is a great match up.  If you are wondering which of these two warriors will walk away with the ‘W’, the answer is simple the one who wants it the most.  The one with the greatest hunger, and Victoria ‘Fury’ Leonardo is a very hungry fighter.  There is little doubt that this flyweight bout will be hard fought and laced with serious excitement.  Leonardo vs Maverick is just one of many spectacular bouts set for the September 1, 2018 Invicta FC 31 card.  Do not miss this card!

“I’d like to thank the Lord for his many blessings and opportunities he has put in my path.  I would like to thank my amazing sponsors; Mike Tilton’s Plumping, Denny Brown’s Dent repair and Downhome Sausage.  They are more than just sponsors they are big fans of mine too.  My coaches are awesome because they always tell me like it is and are pushing me to get better, especially my husband (heart).


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