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Taylor Starling is no stranger to combat sports. She made her amateur MMA debut back in January of 2015. As an amateur Starling went on to gather up a four fight career; fighting under the established King of the Cage promotions on two occasions, and finishing with a shot at the vacant NLFC (Next Level Fight Club) flyweight championship title. Over the past few years the “Killa Bee” has been collecting a mix of tools to add to her fight game, making her professional kickboxing debut in July of 2019 and her pro boxing debut in October of 2020. Starling made her pro MMA debut in October of 2019 at Road to M-1 USA 3 and has went on to produce a (1-1) pro record with her victory coming by way of first round (TKO) verbal surrender. The twenty-four year old trains out of Modern Warrior in Rock Hill, South Carolina and brings real toughness and a genuine desire to throw hands. On February 5, 2021 Taylor “Killa Bee” Starling will make her appearance in bare knuckle boxing, set to debut on what many believe to be Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s most hyped card since its launch back in June of 2018.

Starling has always had a desire to pursue boxing. She is a lady who simply enjoys striking and what a perfect place to find it, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. With the support of family and friends behind her Starling will be looking to make a big impression come fight night. Starling is set to face Charisa Sigala at KnuckleMania. The thirty-six year old Sigala fights out of California and has produced a solid (4-2) record as a pro in MMA.

Bare Knuckle brings a raw edge to the combat sports world along with a fragrance of yore and the grit of ancient days. It is fast paced and the action is electrifying.  Under the guidance of David Feldman the BKFC promotion and the sport of bare knuckle is growing rapidly in popularity among fight fans.

QUEEN MMA Media caught up with TAYLOR “Killa Bee” STARLING for a quick Q & A

QUEEN MMA Media (T. Vickers) – “I understand you have gained both pro boxing and pro kickboxing experience. I also am guessing you like to strike. With that said what was the main reason you decided to jump into bare knuckle?”

TAYLOR STARLING“The main reason I decided to jump to bare knuckle is because my fighting style is very knitty, gritty, in your face brawler so BKFC seemed like a match made in heaven for me.”

 QUEEN MMA Media (T. Vickers) – “Sigala, your upcoming opponent seems to like to throw hands as well. It appears you will have perhaps a 3 inch height edge and most likely a noticeable reach advantage against Sigala. Do you feel this will work to your favor?”

TAYLOR STARLING “I believe it’ll work in my favor because I am very good with my range and I love using it to my advantage.”

QUEEN MMA Media (T. Vickers) – “Is there anything different that you have added to your fight camp for bare knuckle that you normally do not have in your MMA, boxing, or kickboxing fight camp?”

TAYLOR STARLING “I have done a lot of conditioning on my knuckles and done a lot of different things preparing for the rule set in BKFC and really getting that feel for not having anything on my hands and my approaches with defense and offense.”

Don’t let the beauty fool you. Behind this pretty face is a warrior who is always prepared for war.

Bare Knuckle is not like other combat sports.  Many variables come into play with bare knuckle. Cuts come easy and can quickly end a fight.  The forehead is perhaps the hardest bone in the human body and is several times harder than the fist.  Things can change for a fighter the first time they eat a bare knuckle fist.  Like other sports it is a game of inches and a game of timing.  A bare knuckle fighter must use strategy not just to formulate an attack plan or perfect a full proof defense but take into consideration controlling the power and accuracy of their punches in an effort of preservation.  Both Starling and Sigala will be making their bare knuckle debuts at KnuckleMania.  The outcome may easily be determined by who will not wilt away from the action.  Odds are the fists will fly and the blood will follow.  Expect primetime fury from both Starling and Sigala.  Be prepared for every fight on the KNUCKLE MANIA card to deliver non stop excitement covered in carnage.  A true fight fans dream. 

STARLING vs SIGALA will be part of a colossal card headlined by celebrity UFC star Paige VanZant who has made the transition to make her bare knuckle debut against one of BKFC’s veteran sluggers Britain Hart. The event will be compliant to social distancing guidelines with advanced tickets being $55. For ticket information (1-888-397-0100) online www.rpfundingcenter.com. For more info – www.bareknuckle.tv

By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


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