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QUEEN MMA Media takes a look at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships KNUCKLEMANIA main event (Britain Hart versus Paige Vanzant) of February 5, 2021. A sizable amount of hype went into the buildup of this fight and it lived up to every punch.  At the weigh ins the day before the bout an eruption of aggression was released on stage between Hart and Vanzant.  Hart walking up boldly and putting her face into the face of Vanzant.  Vanzant quickly reacting with a choke grab to Hart’s throat followed with a shove.  Loud and heavy words were exchanged, mainly from Hart as BKFC promoter David Feldman struggled to gain control of the situation. News of the pre fight scuffle ran wild across social media as fans began to eagerly anticipate the upcoming fight. 

QUEEN MMA Media – Round-by-Round, punch stats, and unofficial scoring

Before the bell for round one Vanzant seemed relaxed but had the look of being in unchartered waters.  Hart looked focused but had a look that said this could be her biggest challenge.


The first twenty seconds of round one showed Hart pawing with a left jab in what seemed to be an early feeling out process.  Vanzant circled about looking tentative.  At the 1:42 mark of round one they engaged in the center of the circle.  Quickly the action became an inside battle with Hart demonstrating her clinch and strike experience.  Hart drove Vanzant to the ring ropes.  The two grappled and clinched until referee Dan Miragliotta pulled them apart.  Hart and Vanzant returned to the center of the ring and began circling one another with faints, looking for an opportunity.  Both fighters used their footwork and jab measuring for range.  Hart launched an attack landing a solid right hand upstairs but Vanzant pushed back landing a hard combo of her own to the head.  Hart battled back using the jab to push Vanzant backwards but was unable to find the target.  The last ten seconds delivered Vanzant and Hart standing in the middle of the ring searching for openings with Hart landing a hard three punch combination followed with a big right to Vanzant’s jaw.


Jabs Thrown – 22                      Jabs Landed – 3

Head Punches Thrown – 16      Head Punches Landed – 11

Body Punches Thrown – 9         Body Punches Landed – 9


Jabs Thrown – 5                           Jabs Landed – 1

Head Punches Thrown – 17         Head Punches Landed – 8

Body Punches Thrown – 0            Body Punches Landed – 0

QUEEN MMA Media – Round One Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 9


Hart and Vanzant traded jabs at the start, looking and fainting.  Vanzant attacked first alluding Hart’s jabs and landing some clean shots.  Vanzant showed good head movement appearing a little more comfortable inside the squared circle.  The two exchanged blows with Vanzant moving in hard only to be driven back by Hart.  Hart followed Vanzant around the ring.  Near the midway point of the round Hart landed a smashing right hand but Vanzant bulled forward and fired right back.  Both entangled in the middle of the ring.  Hart began driving deep shots to the body of Vanzant.  Hart looked sharp on the inside controlling the clinch and slamming away at Vanzant’s midsection.  Both clinched and traded short shots in close.  Referee Dan Miragliotta separated them with 0:42 seconds remaining in round two.  Hart circled Vanzant with footwork and poked with her left jab.  Hart closed in landing downstairs and up top.  Hart displayed crisp boxing skills finding a home for her straight left.  Hart drove Vanzant’s back towards the ropes with a flurry of rights and lefts at the bell.


Jabs Thrown – 27                                 Jabs Landed – 10

Head Punches Thrown – 19                 Head Punches Landed – 9

Body Punches Thrown – 12                  Body Punches Landed – 11


Jabs Thrown – 9                                      Jabs Landed – 3

Head Punches Thrown – 21                    Head Punches Landed – 7

Body Punches Thrown – 4                       Body Punches Landed – 2

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Two Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 9


Vanzant comes out aggressive pushing Hart back from the opening of the round.  The two begin to land in a heated exchange of head shots.  Vanzant pushes in with a burst of punches.  Hart pushes Vanzant back with body shots and inside hooks.  Vanzant responds by picking up the action landing some hard right hands at about the midpoint of the round.  The two clinch and battle inside.  Hart drives body shots into the ribs of Vanzant but Vanzant does not wilt away and throws right back in reply.  Referee Dan Miragliotta pulls them apart.  Vanzant moves in pushing the action.  Hart launches back landing three heavy punches to the head of Vanzant.  The two warriors stand and trade punches.  Hart presses Vanzant against the ropes and unloads big body work.  The two fighters clinch in the center of the circle with 0:25 seconds remaining in round three.  They swap hard jabs and close the round locked in a clinch. 


Jabs Thrown – 22                                       Jabs Landed – 7

Head Punches Thrown – 19                       Head Punches Landed – 9

Body Punches Thrown – 12                       Body Punches Landed – 12


Jabs Thrown – 10                                         Jabs Landed – 4

Head Punches Thrown – 26                         Head Punches Landed – 11

Body Punches Thrown – 1                            Body Punches Landed – 1

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Three Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 9


Vanzant comes out the aggressor in round four backing Hart up with a flurry of punches.  Hart charges right back.  Vanzant is beginning to let her hands go.  Perhaps feeling as if she may be behind in points after three rounds.  Vanzant holds her ground and delivers a big right hand before clinching up with Hart at the 1:36 mark of the round.  Vanzant muscles Hart into the ropes before Referee Dan Miragliotta forces a separation.  Back to the center of the squared circle they go.  They trade jabs.  Hart unleashes a hard right uppercut that gets Vanzant’s attention.  Vanzant tries to tangle up with Hart in an effort to stop the punches.  Hart pushes free and moves the action back to the center of the ring.  Vanzant pursues Hart.  Blood streams from Hart’s nose.  Vanzant begins to show movement, shifting up on her toes and circling Hart.  Hart moves in trying to cut off the ring.  Vanzant dances side to side while Hart hunts in pursuit.  Vanzant unloads a fast flurry.  Hart blasts back with a flurry of her own.  Vanzant surges in to clinch in an attempt to stop the barrage.  The two end up locked in a clinch, pushing and pulling one another until referee Dan Miragliotta steps in to divide them.  Vanzant becomes the aggressor moving forward as Hart is backed towards the ropes.  Hart unloads a cracking right hand to Vanzant’s jaw.  Vanzant is game and stands in the pocket ready for more.  Hart lands several more shots upstairs using her reach to get off first just before the bell ends round four.


Jabs Thrown – 16                                                Jabs Landed – 4

Head Punches Thrown – 13                                Head Punches Landed – 6

Body Punches Thrown – 4                                   Body Punches Landed – 2


Jabs Thrown – 11                                                  Jabs Landed – 3

Head Punches Thrown – 18                                 Head Punches Landed – 6

Body Punches Thrown – 1                                    Body Punches Landed – 1

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Four Scoring – HART 10 / VANZANT 10 (EVEN)


The final round.  Both fighters look tattered but seemingly ready and eager to continue the action.  The two open the fifth round on their toes and throwing heat.  Both land effective combinations battling back and forth.  Vanzant circles Hart from the outside then bursts forward with a big overhand left off the side of Hart’s head.  The two clinch and Hart continues work on the body.  Hart holds tight while digging solid hooks downstairs.  Vanzant seems to be feeling the body shots from Hart but comes back with a jolting right uppercut and a hard left hook to Hart’s chin.  Hart back peddles.  Vanzant chases Hart to the ropes with one minute remaining in the final round.  Vanzant digs hard body shots into Hart’s midsection and lands combinations up top.  Perhaps feeling she needs a knockout to win Vanzant keeps blasting forward with numerous punches to the head of Hart.  Hart tries to cover up and then fires back.  The two go toe-to-toe with Vanzant seeming to gain the edge in the exchange.  Vanzant begins to turn it on landing a booming three punch combo to Hart’s jaw.  Blood begins to flow heavy from Hart’s mouth.  Vanzant lands a left hook, a right hook, and another left hook.  Hart eats the punches and finds the stamina to answer with a crunching left and a hard right.  The two finish the last twenty second of the bout firing toe-to-toe. 


Jabs Thrown – 19                                             Jabs Landed – 2

Head Punches Thrown – 26                             Head Punches Landed – 11

Body Punches Thrown – 28                              Body Punches Landed – 18


Jabs Thrown – 5                                                Jabs Landed – 2

Head Punches Thrown – 45                              Head Punches Landed – 22

Body Punches Thrown – 4                                 Body Punches Landed – 3

QUEEN MMA Media – Round Five Scoring – VANZANT 10 / HART 9


Hart and Vanzant put on an exciting bare knuckle main event that lived up to the hype.  Paige Vanzant proved she is as tough as they come, never once fading from the action, and seemed to begin to turn the tide of the fight halfway through the fourth round.  Bare Knuckle is a different kind of beast and Vanzant showed she has what it takes.  I would not be surprised to see her take this debut experience and return with a vengeance if she elects to continue in the sport of bare knuckle.  Vanzant displayed serious power, good head movement, and did fairly well in the clinch exchanges considering it was her first time in the BKFC circle.  She come up short in the fight but she delivered a tall BKFC debut performance. A quick look at the BKFC rooster and the question becomes – who is next for Vanzant?  Randine Willoughby? Sheena Starr?  Charisa Sigala? Jenny Savage?  Taylor Starling?

Britain Hart came in a slight betting underdog despite being a veteran of bare knuckle and having professional boxing experience.  Once again she delivered a gritty, high octane fight.  Hart displayed spectacular determination and executed an impressive victory.  Hart has been silencing critics from the start of her career.  She continues to overcome challenges while winning the hearts of fans.  Hart’s skills are noticeably improving as she continues to demonstrate how hard work pays off. She gets better every time she steps into the ring.  Her hard work and dedication shined bright against Vanzant. What is next for Britain Hart?  A possible title shot?

By: T. Vickers (MMA – Journalist)


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