FEREA vs HART 2 (The Rematch)

A look into HART vs FEREA (the Rematch)

(Queen MMA Media – Editorial) By: T. Vickers – Combat Sports Journalist

On February 19, 2022 in Hollywood, Florida BRITAIN HART will be looking to even the score against CHRISTINE FEREA in a rematch that many in the bare knuckle community have been waiting for. Queen MMA has watched Britain Hart from day one.  Her boxing background brought her to bare knuckle back in August of 2018.  Hart’s introduction to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship came against Bec Rawlings, a tough seasoned MMA fighter.  It was Hart’s bare knuckle debut and a fight that most fans believed would be dominated by Rawlings.  Hart battled hard in a fight that many believed she would not survive.  Hart’s determination radiated bright despite falling short to Rawlings in a close split decision.  After the Rawlings fight the fans quickly realized a clear fact, Britain has gigantic ‘heart’.  She demonstrated she possessed real rock solid grit.  The next bare knuckle match for Britain Hart would be against Christine Ferea.  Ferea had already demonstrated she was a serious force to be dealt with in the BKFC squared circle.  The Hart vs Ferea fight would be for the (125 LBS) BKFC Championship title.  Once again Hart was going up against a giant obstacle along with facing the pressures that come with a title fight.  Once again much of the bare knuckle community showered doubts on any chance of a Hart victory.  Hart met the challenge head on but lost due to a cut that provoked a doctor’s stoppage of the bout.  Despite the loss to Ferea from a cut Hart continued to gain fans. 

Ferea unloads a swarm of punches in their first encounter.
A disappointed Britain as the fight ends via doctor stoppage due to cut.
Christine ‘Misfit’ Ferea celebrates her victory at the end of their first fight.

Fight fans began to see and appreciate the determination Hart brought into every fight.  Like her or hate her, people agreed – she had guts and her skill set was getting growing.  Hart returned to the BKFC squared circle in November of 2020 with a win over a debuting Randine Eckholm only to find herself a few months later up against another MMA veteran who carried a ton of popularity.  This big money MMA star was Paige VanZant.  Once more said experts and fight fans began to count Hart out. They gave her little chance if any of winning.  It was a seemingly odd lead up to the VanZant vs Hart matchup, for whatever reason the BKFC promotion seemed to cater to the newly arrived MMA star and almost completely forget the fact that Britain Hart had been a sizable part of putting BKFC on the map.  It was VanZant’s bare knuckle debut and she was already being considered the promotional favorite. 

Hart has carried an enormous part of the women’s side to BKFC on her back.  She has played a vital role in bringing attention to BKFC and in the eyes of many bare knuckle fans has become the center of the women’s world at BKFC.  At BKFC KunckleMania Hart delivered.  Hart not only held her own against the heavily praised MMA star, she won the fight convincingly.   Hart went on to face Jenny Clausius back in July of 2021 at BKFC 19.  Hart finished Clausius in the third round.  In November of 2021 Hart went up against Pearl Gonzalez, another promotional pick from the MMA world.  Gonzalez had produced an impressive MMA career and was ready to make a loud statement in bare knuckle.  Once again Britain battled her way to a solid unanimous decision win over an opponent who many did not expect her to defeat.  It is impossible to deny Britain Hart the recognition she deserves.  She has continued to improve across the board.  I have watched her get better and better with every challenge.  A win over Christine Ferea would give Hart major league satisfaction.  Once again it would be a classic story of how she overcame enormous odds.  It would send a tremendous message to the bare knuckle fans.  One they would never forget. 

Christine ‘Misfit’ Ferea entered bare knuckle boxing with a Muay Thai background and a three fight run with the MMA promotion Invicta FC.  Ferea debuted in bare knuckle boxing back in October of 2018 at BKFC 3.  Ferea blasted through her first opponent via first round knockout.  She moved on to defeat Britain Hart in their first meeting via doctor stoppage due to cut.  Ferea was fast becoming the leader of the BKFC female pack.  In August of 2019 Ferea ran into Helen Peralta at BKFC 7 in what was in my opinion the most exciting fight BKFC has produced to date.  Ferea came out on the short end of the encounter by way of unanimous decision.  ‘The Misfit’ quickly returned to the squared circle with a crushing KO finish of Calie Cutler at BKFC 12.  She delivered another smashing knockout finish over Calista Silgado at BKFC Fight Night.  Christine is a top notch bare knuckle boxer.  She has improved with each bout inside the squared circle.  Bare knuckle fans understand full well she brings big time heat. 

Christine Ferea’s biggest weapons are her fast hands, excellent footwork, and crisp boxing style.  Ferea has fast hands.  She can put together destructive combinations and unleash brutal flurries.  She has power and knows how to drop it on her opponents.  Ferea is a real force in the bare knuckle world.  She understands movement, distance, and timing.  She is a confident fighter who knows what she is capable of and knows how to deal it out inside the squared circle. 

Britain Hart’s biggest weapons are her determination, her seemingly awkward style, and her relentless offense.  Hart’s determination has shown time and time again.  She is a real warrior who will not back down.  Her punching style and movement can be awkward for opponents to deal with at times.  This has been to her advantage on numerous occasions.  Her continuous desire to push the action and stand in the pocket and trade with anyone has earned her serious respect from the bare knuckle community, if they wish to admit it or not. 

Possible Keys to Victory
Christine Ferea must fight her fight.  She needs to use her speed and movement to control the action.  Get off first.  She needs to back Hart up from the start.  Ferea needs to make Hart respect her early.  Do not get sloppy or careless with over confidence.  Try and stay focused and finish the fight fast and hard.  Ferea needs to overpower Hart with her speed and violent combinations. 

Britain Hart needs to hurt Ferea early.  Work hard on the inside.  Dig deep with bodywork and unload uppercuts on the inside.  Hart needs to smother Ferea’s flurries with strong clinching and high level dirty boxing.  Hart needs to focus on head movement and effectively countering with heavy shots.  Once range is found she needs to use her jab with authority.  Find those odd angles. With the right level of dirty boxing and working a particular target zone the fight could be won the same way she lost the first encounter, via doctor stoppage due to cut.   

Aggressive, fast, and hard offense generally wins the bare knuckle chess game.  Yet this is not always the case.  As in any fight a well executed plan or superior technique can be the answer.  The questions remain can Hart stand up against Ferea’s fast fists of fury?  Will Ferea’s overwhelming offensive attack swallow up Hart or will Hart’s iron determination hold the line.  On the other hand we must also ask ourselves is Ferea taking Hart serious enough?  Will Ferea’s mountain tall confidence produce critical mistakes?  Ferea’s hands are small but fast.  They have been known to injury in the past.  What if Ferea injured one of her hands during the bout?  Will she be able to battle successfully through such a situation?  Ferea is always in top shape and always expanding her skill, but what if she underestimates Hart’s evolution from the last time they fought?    

This looks to be an exciting bare knuckle boxing bout.  It may end fast and furious or it just may push deep into the later rounds.  It would seem Ferea would surely be the expected favorite considering she came out on top in the first fight.  With that said, do not underestimate the grit of Britain Hart. 

By: T. Vickers (Combat Sports Journalist)


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